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Didn't come alone. William had remarried, so his new wife, Deliverance came home with them. All of this is context. It's stage dressing. If we want to understand who, Abigail Wass. These are stories that we need to hear because they help us see her experience. The one thing they don't explain is why she leaned so hard into these rumors. See these stories of satanic packs and sleeping in the woods What rumors told about her. These were things she said about herself. Abigail Hobbs was a witch. She was proud of it. Thiss is un obscured. I'm Aaron McKie. To take our next steps forward into Salem. We need to travel somewhere else. Mein. Now I know what you're thinking. I'm here for the Salem witch trials, Not the history of Maine. And I can understand. But as I've often repeated context is everything. No historical event takes place inside a vacuum. And if we're ever going to fully understand what happened in Salem, we need to cast a wider net. Believe me, we'll be better off for it. Mayne was founded decades before as a separate colony from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the two regions grew differently as well. Massachusetts expanded fast, allowing cities to form which attracted better off families and people who were less adventurous..

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