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It's. Not necessarily easy but it makes it so clear, in so worth it when you know exactly why you're doing it And. So for us are y and are very. Practical way is we want to honor the Lord with our finances we want. To improve our marriage we know that it will improve our marriage we know that it. Will approve our legacy that we leave for. Our children we wanna have give crazy generously and we want to have a lot. Of fun traveling so for. Us like that, gets us excited. You're gonna get to do, every bit of that and more well done, you guys I'm very, proud of you that's so neat fourteen years old. He's listening to the radio take the class as a high. School, senior our high school curriculum, which those of you out there that don't know we've got. A high school curriculum. Call foundations and personal finances now in about four about fifty three percent of. The hospitals in America are now teaching things so we're getting there, but, while you, guys you're. The fruit. Of, that are edges are Ed solutions. Team will be so thrilled to hear this particular debt free scream very very cool good stuff good, stuff well done you guys very well done we've got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you Retire inspired and that's the. Next, chapter to be millionaires and, outrageously generous which is your plan obviously well done John Ashley. Brandon Abigail from Louisville. On the way to Disney stopped buying the do a debt free scream hundred. Sixty seven thousand bait off five and a half years making eighty, to, one sixty, that's their. House and. Everything, at thirty one years old counted. Down let's hear a debt free scream three.

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