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Asia remains the fastest growing region in the world and will make up two thirds of global middle class consumption by the year twenty fifty at matthews asia we've been investing in asia for over twenty five years and are mission is to champion asia focused investment smith solutions me profit from this grow and build wealth for global clients over the long term find out what a dedicated allocation to asia connect to your portfolio at matthews asia dot com slash opportunity why mission is simple to make you money i'm here the level the playing field all investors there's always work at summer and i promised helping you find mad money starts now and well money welcomed acquai mark a building press i'm just trying to make some money my job it's not just entertainment educate and teach you so call me at one eight hundred seven four three cbc or tweet me at jim cramer there's more to this business and watching the fed reserve and that's true either a day like today with the dow loses one sixteen points snp shed point four percent and the nasdaq declined point seven eight percent this is a totally binary hurry situation strategy farmers if the fed eases you buy stocks the titans you sell stocks but you know what the fed is nine times since december twenty fifteen without a phenomenal bull run here i'm not saying that that matter jerome powell must drove the economy oak cliff late last when he was determined razors rates seemingly at any cost i will be watching him like a hawk arabia dovish hog waste makes the congress this week however i think far too many people are misreading this year and more important they are miss breathing mall man first let me set stitch let's talk about the economy guinea strengthen the better part of a decade economy started losing steam last fall the business cycles of tricky speed up or slow down any number of reasons maybe some key concourse maybe didn't but we don't even need because we just he took notice there the slowdowns happening the problem late last year is it they notice hey they didn't notice in two thousand seven either something they get now if you look back at the hope here's his fifth start typing there's only one huge decline the one that lasted from december october to december see that why because even though the data from all across economy is weakening we had last can't come up with a better word for it being a rookie such rookie jay pal he didn't see the signs which i feel robbie's and didn't recognize the power of his own words he felt compelled the promise multiple rate hikes in fact he said who's willing to over shoot to raise drinks too much if that's what it took the tame inflation how couldn't have been more rural economies already decelerating so is hawkish policy sweep out the business community badly it freaked out the stock market's not everybody corn stocks mistaken i said so repeatedly at that time when things really off the rails but in this big but i believe powell has learn from his mistakes last month they decided to be more data dependent like his predecessor the fabulous janet yellen and president trump fired well was yelling you knew what you were going to get if the economy got too hot she tightened the why

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