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There's things that are out. But I always get mad because Arianna in Christner, friends, right? Yeah. And from what I understand they've filmed things together outs friends. Like, I don't know if it's been duo scenes or something like that. But it's like I feel like we deserve to see that. Like yes to coming together because we've seen their relationship. You'll see a lot of that this season. One thing I've said when I've done interviews so far is like you'll see a huge shift in friendships, and everyone took that as I say like Arianna now aren't friends anymore. And I'm like, no like for the better. Like, you see on an starts doing a joint birthday party and Christon becoming friends. You see a huge change with me. Kristen cadence dossey total one eighty from last year. Who do you hate like now that the season's I don't hate anybody. You're getting along with the run. Yeah. Hating each other everybody, always of course. But it's only what how many of us have like three or four like we got a. Yeah. How amazing eighty sitcom saying that they loved it? Like, I thought that whole episode was so good. I was like funny all of your outfits like watching these good as gold with Billy looking like working girl. Good like, it was a fantastic and then literally at segue into James half stripping. It was just phenomenal TV like all around. And we're taking such liberties with the whole episode with those sitcom thing it was just so when they pan out I said, it was the best at it ever of Arianna face. When Jackson Britney say, they're going to consummate. She's like ooh, look of disgust on a to that put the curb your enthusiasm music against the funniest shit effort. But I love that they're doing stuff like that. With our show last season. I think two seasons ago no law season in Mexico with the pillows and it's like Jackson. It's the accomplished this that and it's like like a like investigative like I love when they do stuff like that. Because it's like everyone needs to remember. We're watching television show. I just I love so much. Evolution is allowed to do things. Like that. Because it just it makes it so fun and like the laughter with eighty sitcom. I just I was done the drama to Kristen literally like climbing a fucking fence. To ambush, James. You literally got comedy drama action. Thrills her doing stunts. I know. Right. Wait until you see can you say like the drama for this season is the drama for this season. Like comparible to another season. Ooh, I think I think it's a combination on his like, even the hope and James thing is the mortar the Kristen and Jiaxing. So it's like what the fuck like wise everyone sleeping. Three time. No, I believed that it happened to be honest. I don't know why hope would be proud to be like, yes, I've been a horror for two years. Why why would the new before? Yes. I think hope needs a drink. I think she's a little thirsty than hope has been trying to probably get on the show for while of knee last season. What are used to be friends? Just she worked there..

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