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As a result of this he was fired the crime he was give victims of was substantial battery substantial battery in wisconsin is a felony he was fired last year following his conviction the conviction occurred is they said after a fight in a bar in milwaukee bonds was a fifth grade teacher at schurbon park multicultural school according to the report on us online and the criminal complaint bonds was accused of hitting a guy on the face of the beer mug at a bar in may of last year but police reports that a group of several men then stomped inc kicked out the victim that bonds that attacked with the beer bug there was a criminal investigation charges came out and bonds took a conviction for substantial battery being a felon and a violent one at that not surprisingly he lost his job as a teacher barnes is now appealing he wants to get his job back as a teacher at mps now you would think that the last thing that will walk you with all the violence problems that we have the last thing we need to do is high start hiring felons the be teachers and violent felons at that but there is a reason why some people believe michael wide binds bike in his job back michael why bonds is the sodden of somebody else with an almost identical name michael bonds who is a member of the milwaukee school board and probably the most influential babar according to a story on j us online today michael bonds the school board member says he isn't doing anything to help his son get a job back if micheal why bonds the sun israeli hired to a position it mps it will prove fit mp s is every bit the joke that all of its critics have claimed i don't care who receive who is the sat up you'll get convicted of a felony for being involved in a bar fight you don't get to teach at a public school district one would play thank you and if they give this guy his job bag a felony involved in a bar fight in which a guy was stopped with his father on the school board.

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