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I say she found him was kind of me. Candyman was a guy named sheffield's who were pimco. It had a hook for a hand just like him before he even knew who the hell candyman right right. It was like wait a minute. I mean unless candyman already had his is saying. You know like you'll start you know what i mean. That guy gets. He's i'm gonna be a good future. You man yeah they'd never explain really ties in. You know what i mean and this is. I will tell you that this is a direct sequel to the first one as i have a couple couple of times you already saw the commercial The trailer right here maybe Maybe they know who this was. But that's vanessa williams from the first movie. I'll that's all i'll say so. She is a direct tie to the first film. She may have been my favorite character in the whole movie. I thought she was very good. And i don't know how old she is but she. Yeah exactly. I was like how young she in that first movie. Because she came on. And i didn't. I was like oh this must be the sister. Yeah almost say so much. But i just say yeah man. I don't know how ocean but nessa williams gorgeous but you know this is this is this is tied into the to the first movie so i think they make so many references. They in fact they do a whole now. What is cool is if you have seen candyman. Recently our view of fan you know very well. One of the cool things they do is that they show how the the the the legend of candyman has changed overtime. People just retelling it and and it's you know a lot of people don't remember it to say that's the haven't just recently watched the candyman and with the way they tell it differently. Yeah me wonder. If people there'll be a lot of people who will just go in thinking the way they tell it now it's like. Oh yeah that's how. I remember it being nano. No well you know like i say. I don't even remember the first movie from thirty years ago. I had to watch it again. But it's real cool. They show how you know. Just urban legends get changed over time and they did a big thing here now saying that because it might help if you go and watch the old candyman again just brush up on if you don't remember a whole lot because they reference it a lot a lot. There's so many call bags and connections to the original movie that i could see. If you don't remember anything about it you can be a little lost and if you don't watch it before then you'll definitely want to go and try to catch up with it and watch it afterwards to figure out some things i will say that You know this is a hard movie and it takes a long time to get to the heart there. Like i said they spent a lot of time on the art in the art world before they really get into candyman which they drop every now and then again explaining an exposition but once they do get the candy man. I think it's actually the kills a brilliant man because candidate in here. They established that candyman. He lives in a mira world and we don't see him in real life slicing up people. You know what we do see people who they look like they'd be an attack by the invisible man while the in some parts. Either you see. Are you infer that candyman. Just making the gestures in in the reflection or mirror somewhere actually thought that even though it's not consistent with how it's done especially after he goes in and kills people invisibly and then he kills people invisibly and then he will show up right after another like could just been hearing exactly but look cool. It is still cool. I mean it is. It is a creative way to go in and so the kills and the gore in horrible without just emphasizing the gore. I mean there was one scene where they show somebody and again. This goes to the creative direction of dna. Cost demand show will kill from afar. And you just see somebody who's being rag doll in mid air and i liked the way that they did try to concentrate on making you know artistry making a film more than like. Let's just show a bunch of blood not that you don't see blood in here. I mean there's a lot of glorious open wounds just spewing blood it's very candyman like yeah it is sometimes that gets crazy. S- casanova day just like there's there's a scene where you see somebody little feet pick up and it's just like somebody just like somebody just poured a bucket of kool-aid down right like this is kgo kool-aid fountain again. Somebody knocked the pitcher over told you you look at the president. They killed like that body did not hold that much blood in there. So you know. Sometimes it's again. They do do things just for the gore. But it's a little more creative than what i thought. It would be looking at it even when they do emphasize the big open. Gaping wounds in their couple of scenes of that. Right there Anyway anything you want to add to that man. Uh well. I i must say like i felt like this. You know as horror movies go. It's a good movie. It's like you know prestige harz as they call it now when you get these art directors who put a lot more money care into like a craft like craft beer craft. And i think there are moments when it's very good but i think it it falls short of the greatness that it had all the potential for for all the cool things in it especially a lot of like we talked about the the compositions all They're just story beats or just elements to it. That aren't cohesive. Now you talk about the the loose ends it. Don't get tied up or the changes in tone that are questionable or just the way i mean one thing i feel like the original movie head over. This is that with those deaths. There'll be investigated there was like an aftermath that at and a lotta times people here die and it's almost like it's kinda forgotten like nobody really cares. There was something with me. There's a there are scenes where they report that. Yes something something happened. But it's the ones that are close. The characters they followed something not consistent with is that they they have characters that just walk away from the story and we walk with them and it's almost like what will follow him. It's like wait a minute. You missed the movie still over here while we hold on. Hey we'll be right back. We follow them for some reason. They will follow this character in neil. There's a massacre in this movie and it barely gets touched on in in nest the one that should have got the most attention. Right yes stuff. That's public sure it's on television but you like okay. There were people around the cops like they show up. They photographing egg-laying we. We don't care about these. People is just weird because it should be that that sense of like. hey man. Something's gonna come. That's that's another force should be working. Gets the people in here some some great effects that happen and and you're right. the kills. A lot of kills are inventive. Although i just found myself not having a real like feeling for any of the victims are stuff. I felt like i should have been more mostly involved and i kept. It kept me at arm's length. They like it wouldn't settle and let me get into the beginning What's his name is an artist. But i don't really see him creating other than when he's going nuts as like it would have been so good to really see him get into it or just treating being artists and artists as something real as opposed to like. Let's think of artists like in a movie and a black movie when they had somebody in business and they're like well. I'm gonna make partner next week. Ailing exactly works and a lot of this is like this could have been tighter. But like i said it's entertaining. I think for a lot of people is going to do what they want. And i'm sorry. Well the other thing is like and it's something we brought up early. It kind of does something that annoys me with spike lee which is like man. I'm all behind the things you want to bring up. But you say you're gonna talk about this and now to talk about this you bring it up this shit and bringing up this and bringing and we can just focus on one or two things. Everybody is happy. And i'll get educated and learn and be entertained and you'll be happy. You taught me something. You.

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