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Eight days you're listening to ABC news nobody's arts Anders good morning I your top stories on the commode twenty four seven news center several sites around the country being used to quarantine people exposed to coronavirus a Chris loft is with the Washington state patrol says there's a chance people could be sent to the Washington state patrols fire training academy in the north bend area that's a very remote facility no one's been sent there yet and Loftis says this to chance no one will travelers without symptoms of coronavirus who have been in who bay province in the past two weeks are being asked to self quarantine at home people who don't have a home to go to are the ones who would be sent to north bend the two men accused of the shooting last month in downtown Seattle the left one woman dead and seven others hurt have both been formally charged with murder marquis told Britain William Toliver were arrested Saturday leaving a casino on the Las Vegas Strip according to court documents both men have been charged with first degree murder six counts of first degree assault with a firearm it first repossession of a firearm their schedule have an arraignment hearing February nineteenth now you're como traffic in Seattle southbound I. five at I. ninety the right lane is closed for road work overnight until four thirty joint base Lewis McChord the northbound I. five exit to the main gate is closed until five AM and the northbound I. five exit four lane is also closed and it's Coleman the southbound I. five watch for road work near thirty eighth street south of the southbound I. five on and off ramps there are closed until five o'clock in the morning am J. Phillips call twenty four seven traffic now you're como eco roof for K. everybody it is just so soggy out their commuting has been difficult loads of standing water on the roadways in the rain continues to fly the visibility slope the rivers continue to rise and we keep getting these mudslides we had one in Redmond a few days ago one in maple valley yesterday as long as the rain keeps.

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