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The gave away a ken griffey junior now. Yeah we gave away. The tops traded tender generic. Psa han really nice car right now. We've got a giveaway for patrick mahomes autographed jersey Free just fine Right there and a great opportunity where where we're kinda grow our Our base a little bit. Make sure to give the people what they want talking to. Michael rueben of auction of champions aachen of champions dot com. Look at a businessman. I'm not so. Tell me if i'm making a mistake you're not About five ten seven or eight nine ten years ago friend of mine just didn't want him his car so he gave me like five to ten thousand cards that were being eighty seven and ninety two. Okay baseball cars. I've gone through and take it out. What would i call of. Course they're taking up the hall of famers. But i've taken out like the joe carter's maybe the semi stars maybe hall of famers of the future. Is that a good investment right now. They're not worth a whole lot but years from now. If i'm still alive my my wife has a are gonna be worth a lot more. Let's say between eighty seven. Ninety two if carter becomes a hall of famer if some of these other guys who were close become a hall of famer. They're worth much more. So is it a good investment or my wasting my time Eighty seven hundred ninety. Two is is rough air. I remember alice's palm at the junk here and that that's see. I told you i wasn't a good business man folks talking to my oxygen. You've broken my heart. Right here across america and around the world auction champions auction of champions dot com. And there's so much talk. But what about air. Cards not saying a. r. a. r. folks. I'm talking e. r. or air cards. Tell us about some of the. The weird ones are the ones that are worth the most. I remember that my dad had old. La ram defensive. Back we'll sherman air card. They didn't have the right name or whatever that maybe they had to run a photograph. Tell us about air cards. Especially when everybody's racing put out a lot of cards may nineteen eighties. Found a lot of the the The famous ones the two most famous ones in my mind for both the nineteen eighty nine. You have Murphy and be reverse negative Upper deck card And half of the cars that they printed but they just had the the negative version of it so he's turns into a right handed batter bad last week. That oh my gosh all right. So we know something we haven't talked about. I very seldom talk about. Because i have Few of them. Although i used to subscribe at the hockey news for only thirty years. What about the gretzky cards. What's the most valuable wayne. Gretzky card is go up. Also as the mike trout did as the Five point two million mickey mantle nineteen fifty. Two card has has gretzky card. gone up in value. But gretzky how we just saw justice Bass couple of months than nineteen seventy nine Ott wayne gretzky rookie. Psa plan sold for over. A million dollars You never thought that a a part with gonna break at seven seven figure barrier but but a pass that and and when When the top of the mountain kinda hits that teague at lowe's on downfall the cards the that normal people that that we have we can actually avoid the When he's actually on the the king's instead of the oilers so their car and so the gretzky definitely great Great pick up at this point in about thirty seconds right now you mentioned the is not a car but you mentioned the patrick mahomes thing but just put it in the terms of cards that you're also having people bid on is it a good investment. I mean it seems to me to be one of the great investments of all time. If a mike trout card from only ten years ago can be worth three point. Nine million either are people were crazy or it's a great investment. It's a great investment. Right now you can look at the top of it right now but these are some great cars and people are making a lot of money on them We see card going up doubling tripling even more than that over a year and so there's a lot of money be in this in this field. Hey michael ruben. This has been fun. I do watch. Alex krantz on auction of champions dot com oxygen of champions dot com. You're the guy behind all the cards out there. You know as much as anybody. I've ever talked to so folks give auction of champions dot com a good looking. I think you will not be disappointed. And i certainly wasn't disappointed in this interview. You were fantastic. And alex.

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