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It's eleven o'clock cbs news on the hour presented by progressive insurance i'm tom foty officially it is still a search and rescue effort into miami police there do not expect to find more victims of dot catastrophic pedestrian bridge collapse at florida international university miami dade police director juan perez recovered pinal to victims from underneath the bridge so that makes a total of five people that will recover from underneath the bridge there was one individual that passed away at the hospital for total of six people and from florida senator marco rubio images at home do not on television do not do justice to how difficult the work as they had to do florida international university plans to hold a moment of silence on monday for the people who died pools have opened in russia for the presidential election in which putin is seeking a fourth term in the kremlin now the latest on the many cited russia trump campaign connection investigation and its connection to another controversial fbi departure of the twist in the firing of former fbi official andrew mccabe he took notes apparently about his interactions with president trump which would be of interest to robert muller virginia democratic senator mark warner says now is the time to make sure president trump doesn't fire the special counsel to members of both parties stand up for rule of law stand up for the integrity of the molar investigation and frankly stand up and defend the fbi in the department of justice former fbi director james comey also targeted president trump's twitter anger says he'll tell his story and his new book soon in the american people can decide who's honorable and who's not sam litzinger cbs news washington there is this separate story connected to the two thousand sixteen trump campaign reported by cbs larry miller from london.

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