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Nineties though for years i think everybody thinks sell alcohol and most of the time whether he is or not that's true i was trying to think of something to say to keep their silence ladies might be all right i guess i don't know alex alex the the one that was in that thing that was not eloquent but it was the first original swamp thing there you go oh you know what here's the movie they need to make what's what's the evil justice league the crime syndicate bom there you go oh interesting oh you're you're green lantern thing reminded me and i've talked about this in a youtube video do a green lanterns movie where it's just a cruise and i can't remember the other guy's name but they are like the newest green lanterns and they are lesser known and they're interesting characters i think and that kinda reminds me here's here you go cinemax universe time you do your crime syndicate thing and that spins out of in green lantern spins out of that is just a cruise was a power ring at some point in time so all right all side kicks have to battle to the death who would win oh that's another victoria question she's got several cushion damien damien no way tim drake no between those two i would go damian because damian would actually kill people i've i'm going because he thinks is so far ahead that's a good point i mean tim mart dean was trained by the league of asan's as a child like it's infant and tim knows that daming to see more reactionary the for sure he seems more reactionary than tim would be too smart to go toetotoe with an assassin like that.

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