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Cheating life friend. Why are you throwing a wet blanket. I'm the fact that in that space. He's meeting by definition. We are getting paid to talk about football and on some level and and that some ne'er do well couldn't get that straight and his head is not our problem and i was not going to bend the need that nonsense. He's he's still thought he was like newsroom. In dallas in november nineteen sixty three. This is football dating the jaguars committing to their home jersey. We're not and and to put a button on it before we move on because we gotta talk about a big trade of volving another star quarterback in the nfl. We talk about what's going on the steelers we're gonna get to that as well But west you mentioned gary cooper and as i've asked by way of tony soprano mark Many times whatever happened to gary cooper turns out he was right next to us all time whole time. All right. let's get to it. Let's do some football talk. Got check here. It is west his birthday and by the way great job by the nfl media digital team. Patrick crawley sarah parsons. John marvel the whole gang ali bunbury. They are rolling out in honor of west forty seventh birthday or what would have been west as forty seven th birthday. They're they're bringing up on the homepage at nfl dot com all of his best work because west was such a gifted storyteller. And podcast. there. But i mean evan silva who we all love and respect rota world and now established the run He he said on his show recently that he thought that was maybe the best sports writer in the country. That's the type of talent west was so if you go to. Nfl dot com at any point this weekend and it should be up by the time you get to this. You could read a houston oilers feature love you. Blue ohio river offense about the cincinnati bangles. Steve walsh attack his qb index pieces which were incredibly insightful and many times went beyond just basic football pieces about his patriots coverage during the super bowl years always had such a great i for that is making the leap pieces. The series that we did for many years talking about players on the rise. You might not be surprised to learn that west. Got that right a lot. He wrote a really compelling piece about steve smith a deserving spot in the pro football hall of fame. Just a ton of great stuff. And they're going to populate the podcast stuff down the line as well but if you want to learn more about chris wesseling the writer. Nfl dot com. Got you covered. I was telling you guys real to that. Like if you're if you're an obsessive go find a random west news or on like an arrest or suspension. I would take. I would take his news items in print them out and go read them to figure out what the f. I was doing on that front because he was such a decisive author. When he would take on any subject. It's i i loved what nfl dot coms done here. all right. Let's get to the big story. Indianapolis colts i mean. We did the. Qb carousel game a couple of weeks ago. Not for nothing. Oser had this one right but it wasn't necessarily a shot in the dark. It felt like it always made sense. The indianapolis colts have acquired carson wentz from the philadelphia eagles in exchange rate. Twenty twenty one twenty twenty one third round pick and conditional twenty twenty two second round pick. That's important here. The conditional second rounder becomes a first rounder. If wentz plays three quarters of the colts snaps or seventy percent And the team makes the playoffs. So there's a couple of things there but is a good chance or a decent chance. I should say this does become a first rounder. But on the service greg. Rosenthal of the cultures acquired a guy that not so long ago was viewed as a superstar level talented quarterback and they to me upgrade from an aging fil rivers. What do you think about this deal. i think carson wentz says a lot To prove that he could even be as good as philip rivers in twenty twenty i. I think they're taking a risk. It's not a huge price their pain but it's something. I'm shocked that the eagles got that much. At this point. I mean carson. Wentz wasn't just bad. Last year he was like one of the two or three worst quarterbacks in the league. There's not a lot of precedent for anyone playing that poorly during his prime. You can make a lot of for it and being like a really big difference making quarterback then you look at the rest of his career. I would say maybe one of those years has he been significantly better than average And so i think okay you're giving up a second. You know this guy. It could upgrade to a first. You're giving up a third round pick It's worth a shot. 'cause you know him and they believe in him and it's a great situation for him but i don't know like it to me to expect him to be better than average. I think is probably expecting too much. I would say this though. I feel like he is going to a roster that in a couple of ways reminds me of the eagles super bowl roster when he did play so well. And i'm with you greg. I mean to watch what happened carson wentz last season it was visually eight a four-month car crash and he lost all his confidence. You seem broken to me from the neck up. And i don't think he and doug peterson. Relationship clearly was running out of time. I love him. Being pared back with frank reich again just in terms of the fit of where he could have gone someone that knows them someone that got the best out of them probably was better head coach hidden a at a coordinator level there. I think it's a good environment and they've got a great offensive line. So you can see. I say the ceiling would be comeback player of the year. The floor is. This is an unfixable quarterback. But i i. I don't believe he's unfixable. I is this. This works chris. Ballard will look very very smart from the eagles side. What are we doing here. This team to me feels like a year and a half ago. Everyone's do song and dance about their analytics driven front office and all this other business. I mean you look what they invested to get carson wentz. What they ultimately paid him the incredible amount of dead money that they've taken on to let him go. Which is the new trend in the nfl. Let's get rid of these guys and pay for it after. I think a lot has to be pointed at howie. Roseman in the eagles howie roseman. You still have the carson wentz poster in your office review taken that down..

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