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The nikki coordinator for shera here this morning we've got news about papa john the founder papa john john schneider has opinions yes he does scott hit trouble but has been willing to express those opinions but i felt based on the reporting i've seen on this story so far the only reason why i even feel compelled to talk about this is to try to at least put it in in some context okay because all of the stories you see is that he used the n word during a conference call and is no longer the chairman no context about how he used the n word or why he used the n word now maybe it changes your mind about what he did maybe it doesn't i don't care that's up to you but i think it's important to kind of tell the whole story so here's what happened he's in a conference call in for probably the ten million time since he came out against what was going on the national football league players kneeling you actually had an opinion about that the and of course the endangered his relationship with the nfl was result of actually being willing to share that opinion so we gotta ask about a during a conference call for about ten million time in which case he kind of expressed his frustration over the fact that it's been such a big controversy saying that colonel colonel sanders was the head of kfc he used the word and he said the word the n word in describing black people and nobody ever called him on the carpet for it that's what he said he didn't call anybody the end words specifically he didn't use the n word in an attempt to degrade african americans use it as an example of what somebody else had done back in the day in the restaurant business in nobody had anything to say about it but if you're white and you actually say the word you leave yourself open for what happened to him which is basically forced out is the chairman of papa johns i just felt it was kind of important kind of put the whole thing in context because it's a it's it's not him calling somebody the n word it's him using that specific example i i almost awarded out loud this morning can i even talk about this story as a as a privileged white person in my even allowed to discuss this so i roll the dice we'll see what happens by ten time for traffic and weather and again this morning for juliette releasing should be pretty good out there still pretty good so far you still have that tractor trailer fire up on the north loop eastbound but two of the right lanes are blocked you're getting by in the left still gonna take you about five minutes to get down there but as you approach north main elsewhere right now on the east freeway if you're headed from six ten east look towards downtown gonna take you about five to six minutes to get through on the gulf freeway from the beltway towards downtown about a fourteen to fifteen minute commute and on the east techs freeway if you're headed from nineteen sixty towards downtown area as well another sixteen to seventeen minutes and travel time for the gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center and from our top tax defenders twenty four weather center meteorologist terry smith is standing by.

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