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In the spotlight for its so called protest cookies, Hayley pop opened hive bakery in Flower Mound four years ago but started selling the not so sugar coated cookies in early May after the Supreme Court's draft on roe V wade was leaked pop says while she is faced backlash sales have skyrocketed and she's received support for her baked goods from around the world. The cookies feature messages such as my body, my choice, as well as some select words about Texas governor Greg Abbott. I'm Julie Ryan. A Texas family has been convicted for running a human trafficking ring that the feds say involved hundreds of illegal immigrants, some of whom were sexually assaulted, more from Brian shook. It stretched from the border town of Eagle Pass to a stash house in San Antonio that was across the street from an elementary school. The covert operation involved a man, his wife, his stepdaughter, and his two sisters. They were also convicted of laundering the cash paid by the illegal immigrants. I am Brian shook. More than 46 low magnitude quakes tracked near Elgin, South Carolina since late December marked the longest period of successive activity in recorded state history. Some residents are on edge and Rebecca Hughes tells us what city officials plan to do about it. A Midlands mayor organizes the town meeting after her town gets rocked by more than 20 earthquakes this week. The United States geological survey confirms not only two morning earthquakes and Elgin Friday, but a third one just after one 30 p.m. Elgin officials hope to ease concerns in their community the town has set a tentative town hall for July 13th. I'm Rebecca Hughes, all expansion options will be explored by the PAC 12 after USC and UCLA announced their jumping ship to the Big Ten. That's according to a statement from the conference, the world of college athletics was jolted when it was revealed the rival LA schools would join the Big Ten in 2024. At the time, the PAC 12 said it was extremely surprised and disappointed by the news of UCLA and USC leaving. The most famous competitive eater around is not letting an injury stop him from defending his title. Joey chestnut, the 14 time Nathan's hot dog eating contest champion is set to defend his title on July 4th despite a ruptured tendon in his right leg. He'll sport crutches as he looks to break his world record from last year that saw him eat 76 hot dogs and buns in just ten minutes. I'm Julie Ryan. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom, Tesla delivered 254,695 cars worldwide in the second quarter. That snaps a two year streak of gains as a COVID related shutdown at its factory in Shanghai crimped some production. The results posted today, mister forecast of 261,181 vehicle deliveries that was based on an average analyst estimate compiled by Bloomberg. There are dozens of flight delays and cancellations again today at Newark Laguardia and Kennedy airport according to flight aware dot com. This passenger in San Francisco didn't want to chance being late for her flight. I've been worn by my family that there have been delays. This past week and because of the holiday weekend, I wanted to just make sure that I was here. Staffing shortages including pilots and air traffic control will continue to complicate air travel as millions try to board planes this holiday weekend. Donald Trump's social media company and some of its employees received subpoenas from both a federal grand jury and securities regulators that, according to a public disclosure yesterday, Trump media and technology group received subpoenas from a grand jury in New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to a security document filed by digital world acquisition corp, digital world has plans to buy Trump media. Governor hochul has signed a bill extending mayoral control over the country's largest school system. The story from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. It's cements a key power for mayor Eric Adams minutes before it was set to expire the renewal essentially gives Adams unilateral say over schools, allowing his administration to execute their plan to retain students and help them overcome learning difficulties in the aftermath of the pandemic. Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This

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