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That we're not gonna have fences we're not gonna dangerous things that can cause crushes But you are also going to stay in your damned seat right right. There is definitely that most pitches are we saw that that Piece of video from mls where the child just hurdles this little infant hurdles the barrier and start toddler stars ruining the feeling the mamas to go after him. It was like it was no problem. Easily done So yes there is that. And i don't want to come down too hard on security but in a lot of leagues in a lot of leagues there is a how. How shall we put it. There is a law. That says the control of your fans in your stadium it is. Your responsibility is full and you will get fined for right and you're right. They should be fine. That's true. But i don't wanna i don't wanna make it sound like security that i mean i guess. Fans wound up on the field there. A failure of some sort happened. I just feel bad putting it on them. Because i just don't i almost in watching the video of it. I was almost relieved with the number of fans that wound up on there because he felt like once the floodgates open all my god. How is this going to end. How many people are going to empty out onto that field. And cause mayhem and at and wound up. Probably not being nearly as many as as what it could have been but the fact that had happened at all the fact that league is now dealing with this the fact that various marseille players like you said. I saw the well on pilots back. You talk about doozy You know the fact that marseille had to go through this yeah niece. It's their stadium. They need to be held responsible. So you're right. There should be a fine but that's a tough spot for security man we've got. We've sorry to interrupt you. We've got no knowledge of of what conclusion league on on the the powers-that-be are gonna come to but there is breaking news on cheery joins leon. Whoa in nine point. Five million pounds sterling deal. So that's what ten eleven million dollars so that is jordan. Cherries period at liverpool is over premier league winners medal world club cup medal and also a european champions league winners medal interesting period. It never quite worked. He never know sir. He certainly didn't get the game he would've wanted but if anyone wants to take a look back and watch the game that he played against barcelona he made a lotta mistakes and that famous foreign night he was probably the player that you like. I wish to settle down stock even the broadway. But he did put the cross in for one of the goals and He's had some. He's had some contributions two years for sure. Well we've said it. We said about him after the euro's that because he had another successful euros with with the swiss and so we said the time is now like he's not gonna be whatever he thought he might be when he went to liverpool any kind of focal point or consistent star clearly that ship had sailed and it wasn't going to happen but he's you know oven age. Where like it's now or never. If you wanna be that guy on a team you gotta go. And so this leon move been talked about for awhile and Yeah i'm kind of excited for him to go through. Because i you know i. I think he's a good player. And maybe not good enough to break through and be a regular starter for liverpool but He can certainly do a good job for leon so good for him. I think it's a good move for everyone right. Let's we should do rinaldo quickly because we gotta mail bag that you haven't seen is going to be. There's going to be carnage. The is going to be a lot of silence. Lada stoppages during the snail. Back so rinaldo. Does he want to leave you vent. Does he want to stay. Event is gab marcatti. I recommend everybody check out his article. Dsp spnfz where he kind of goes through the complexities of this and weather. Like who is trying to play. Who here. Who is leaking information just to gauge Reaction like this is. I don't know or is or are we just reading too much into all this it seems. Jj that rinaldo a report may have been leaked to want to to edu aguirre of l. cheering gita who apparently is close to rinaldo and he had a report of rinaldo potentially heading back to row madrid no I did not see that. Okay that was it and rinaldo lots of be. He denied it right right. He denied it. But then there's been all this talk because in gaps article he basically says that A do aguirre attorney. Dita is not just some journalists. Go through his instagram. He is incredibly close with cristiano. Ronaldo there are a number of pictures of them together in non-business settings So he's not just some guy so rinaldo denied it and that leads to the question of like. Is this friendship between these. Two guys finished or is this all just part of some act where it's it intentionally and then ranaldo is is putting the kyw on a try to save face in some way but no go to to get it out there. Yeah it's the first way to break with with you. Ventas is to have them be aware that there is something going on here on. His friend takes the hit. He asked his to do it. I would say that's the way it went. I mean we're talking about good sources for brizio romano had this. He tweeted this yesterday. Cristiano ronaldo will be on the bench for you Hootenanny advantis official. He's not starting. It was a precise request from cristiano because he hopes to find a solution on the market in the next day is but events have received no official bids for christianity. So this is just a way of him getting out. Hey guys you know if anybody wants to talk to me. i'm. I'm available to be spoken to know the problem is the timing is dreadful. Where can he go. There is only one place possibly that he can go and that would be a back to real madrid but can they afford him probably not they would take a lot of financial acrobatics to get that done. And i don't think anybody else is going to be interested. I thought those wages that price so.

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