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Of viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C, Go to michael and son dot com. Traffic and weather on the A three days in the traffic center right now on the Beltway Watch for work zone delays on the interlude topside after Connecticut Avenue headed toward Georgia Avenue, that work should be along the left the left side. It had been closer to 3 55. So that looks like it may actually be a mobile work crew. If you're on the outer loop of the Beltway delays from New Hampshire Avenue toward University Boulevard, Watch for any work on the Northwest Branch Bridge and on the inner loop of the Beltway in the local lanes on the will. Sandbridge, the Maryland side of the bridge. Callers reporting the right side blocked with the work South bound to 70 delays headed toward 3 55. That's work yesterday was along the left side, causing just the brief back up in the district. The eastbound freeway delays actually begin on the inbound 14th Street bridge headed across the case Bridge toward Main Avenue Watch for anything that may have popped up there, also in northwest New Hampshire Avenue near Washington Circle in Pennsylvania Avenue. That crash did have you under police direction back in Maryland, North bound 95 near to 16 the crash. Along the left side Clobber wrote it first. Phil wrote a report of a wreck Also wanna know Tintin 1 75 it Mapes Road in Charter Oaks Boulevard. Westbound 3 40 After 1 80 Peter's Villa report of an emergency works own westbound. I 70 still delays trying to get passed to 70. The accident activity remains along the left side getting across the Bay Bridge. The eastbound span of the bridge. The right lane of two is blocked with the work. Now the westbound span is running two way traffic, but your eastbound 50 delays are already near Whitehall. Road trying to make your way across the eastbound span of the bridge in Virginia North bound 29 after colonial Road in Dumb Freeze road that crash along the left side, W T O P Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and Save money on New Toyota Sundays and.

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