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She's not. She's a Kennedy by marriage. She's running for a house seat. And so there still could be a chance that one of them could get in there. But I thought that was fascinating because he was marketed as the second coming. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, son. No, they're grooming him. To be the next big Kennedy family leader. So watch out for that there are he's already in politics and they already are doing this. I cannot stand that I cannot stand that politics isn't a family business. It is not an industry. I cannot stand this. Just like punditry isn't a family business polemic. Start a family business. If if you have kids if you're in it, and you have kids that show an interest in their very involved in their genuinely interested, that's fine. We pry purposefully did everything I could to push my oldest son off of it. He's like, very he loves debate. He loves following the issues. He's very into it, he Grete, But I want to make it hard for him because I think it's too easy for people to get involved in. And that's why you have a lot of people. That's a lot of stupid stuff in there in it For the wrong reasons, you get grifters and everything else in and I can't stand it. That's what they're doing with this. They treat these seats like it's like an inheritance. Back in the day and the days of yore. It was actually a hardship. When providing health insurance and things like this for these people. It was like to attract people to take thes seats. It was like jury duty. That's how it was originally envisioned. It was like jury duty. These were people who were farmers and business owners, and they really didn't want to do this. But they had to And then they made it really, really easy for people to stay in the seat and just not actually work. Elected office is just a more romanticized version of welfare except They lie about it. At least people who take entitlements know what they're doing, and they're honest about it. Politicians are Politicians are welfare babies. Get mad at me for saying it. They are These are people who they treat these seats. All of them both parties to they treat these seats like they are that they're entitled. They have Children. They raise them up to expect to get PCT, too, and to work in politics like it's the family industry. You realize that smart doesn't always hit every single generation. Go back and look in history. Who was it wasn't like the second Piero de Medici who was like the dumb one. He was all about self, and he wasn't He wasn't really raised up to be and ambitious and and smart with management at all of this stuff, And here you have, like generations of this family that built this and this one dude ruins almost ruins it all or like the last one guest on the last one who ended up being a drunkard and squandered away his wealth. I mean, it takes one of them. Right, one member of the family one generation to screw it all up. Which is and they know this that they build in protections for themselves. Polyp politicians and elected office. Now. If you go when you serve and you do it, and then you get out, you're done. That's fine. But the people who like stay there forever, even long past their usefulness. I always measured by long past their usefulness. It's it's it's a form of his welfare. And I don't believe I am almost I get furious. Talking about? Ah, Casting and I can't think of a phrase for it term limits. I get mad. I'm sorry. I genuinely mean it. You're going to disagree with me on term limits. I think it's the stupidest thing ever proposed. I hear whenever I hear term limits, I hear people volunteering to give more of their sovereignty away to the government. Your term limit is your vote. It's your vote. And because people can't won't get out and vote and and what? You're just gonna go ahead and give that to the government, too. All that. I know people who talk about term limits. I never seen them out Canvassing..

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