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Vary widely from person to person researchers in California examine data collected from wearable heart rate sensors for more than ninety two thousand people all over the country they found that one person's normal rate may differ from another person's by as many as seventy beats per minute and it's ten forty nine now we are still in the midst of flu season and some people are searching for natural cold remedies but there's a caution for buyer beware on one of the people take it to ease the symptoms and length of a cold but study from Consumer Reports finds not all like a nation supplements are equal we did find that certain products were much more consistent than others that they had what was listed on the label researchers tested sixteen EC Asia products and found three have low levels of key ingredients and several contained levels of lead or bacteria that exceeded Consumer Reports standards only six of the sixteen met the group's criteria for purity and potency secon your creation on reporting with that story it's ten fifty now on WBZ newsradio up roar with workers at the Hampton county courthouse in western mass is they are not happy with the state commission draft report on an environmental study on the building that they work in that they say downplayed working conditions in the aging building there were two judges that died of a LS both who worked in the same office and other workers at the courthouse clean the building had made them sick now the report said the building couldn't be found responsible for terminal or serious illness employees now have a letter claiming the building report from environmental health and engineering Inc ignored their concerns workers said there was no fresh air in the building it's hard even open up a window many of them say they suffer from breathing issues dry eyes and also different sinus problems it's ten fifty one now one WBZ newsradio we still have that fog that is a lingering around the Boston will continue this afternoon more rain on tonight and it's getting cold we'll talk about that check the roads as well the traffic and weather together on the white next.

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