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He was promoted. He had problems with senior leadership. He resigned his commission in one nine hundred nineteen but the sid katsu and by the way. He gave away the patent he he. He didn't want any royalties he just wanted his chaps to be warm and they were flying. The sid cut sued was was so popular and so successful that on the day he was shot down. The baron manfred von richthofen. The red baron was wearing a sid kat suit by by that time the word had gotten out to the to the germans that someone had come up that the The tommy said come up with something so good that you had to have it. And so he found a way maybe from a prisoner or something but he found a way to get a sid katsuta. And that's what he was killed in on the day. The red baron was shot down so in the inter-war period he loved aviation and he. He invented aerial photography as his his business. He literally invented this business that he would go around the world charging for aerial surveys of your country. Your borders your beaches. Whatever and he became very very successful and so by by nineteen thirty six thirty seven he was approached by the british six to maybe go do some aerial photography there in germany and germany germany by thirty six thirty seven thirty eight had huge off limits areas to aircraft. You couldn't fly in them and take photographs and so he went in undercover of his business The arrow film and he was he was able as a former world war one aviator he was able to get the attention of of Albert kesselring who by then lewis wafa general in a world war one pilot and he actually got to go on a joy ride he had a lockheed lockheed ventura to an engine ventura and he took kesselring up the ventura. And what kesselring did know. Was that sidney. Cotton had fitted the lockheed before he visited germany with remotely operated like a cameras in the wing tips and the fuselage and so as kesselring took the controls he was able to take pictures of templehof airport in berlin but then he flew over classified liftoff training areas and airbases and sidney cotton was able to surreptitiously take pictures that he passed onto. Mix when the September thirty nine when the war broke out. Sidney cotton provided aerial photographs. And he was commissioned nearly on the spot as a as a wing commander wing commander cotton the first camouflage unit and that was a bit of camouflaging itself it was actually the royal airforce and six investing in aerial photography. He was sent with his newly formed squadron including his own personal aircraft lockheed ventura and then a beechcraft. He was sent forward to france where he was able to photograph german military preparations and things like that. Leading up to the invasion of france the germans invaded may have nine hundred forty. He got his people out squadron out but he he he made the model. He's he's he sort of set the standard for aerial reconnaissance which became our af special reconnaissance. Sidney cotton your final boffin. Well anyway those are some of your boffin. Some of your more interesting boffins. The world war two. Some of them contributed others Did not That is our number three again tomorrow. Night super sunday here at eight o'clock we'll talk about that new stimulus check. When are you going to get that. that moore coast weekends next live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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