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Turned on the sports television and so i've seen them this not only this story about tom brady but this has been brewing for a couple of weeks going back to the super bowl where he made what's his face butler malcolm malcolm butler bill belichick told right before the super bowl that he couldn't play he's the same that's right yes eight a guy who basically won the super bowl super bowl for them a couple of years earlier the super great horse in seattle in seattle and they played seattle on they were on the one yard line and for some re ridiculous reasons seattle did not give the ball to marshawn lynch and they throw us right and this guy i believe his name's malcolm butler so he he intercepted the ball right there won the super bowl and some before this ball without telling anybody on the team why instill not telling anybody on the team why he bench that guy and he did not play in the super bowl and a backup quarterback sliced them in based in won the super bowl so there's been some idea that people are kind of had enough of ballot check in his ways and there's a little bit of a rebellion going on and gronkowski saying i don't know i'm kinda hurt maybe i won't play tom brady is somewhere in egypt or something riding camels with his family posting that on instagram and they have a camp going on right now a voluntary camp cronk house keys who knows what hot tilt he's with whoever somewhere but they're not there either but as a bills fan on the falcons fan but i'm also i was born a bills fan i would love to believe for one second the tom brady is not going to come back he's going to stay on that camel to stay on that camel nine days without water you can stay out there with right absolute ride that hump tom brady that's what i say it's easter but i am not stupid i'm not falling for it there may be some i'm assuming just the great thing is they can't look it up because i don't think he knows must have spell it nine either seen warfare warfare like if the republicans when when when trump goes after jeff sessions that's internecine warfare because it's inside the administration is not from outside coming in.

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