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Let's get back to the other news in which is really Is this new updates. Which have just come out. And it's with this new ranking system and reward and you finally get to play on the nod of the gems track for the first time which was only ever open to the pri- rytas her. We gave the possible to so finally. I know a lot of people have asked. What's the password to get into the nod of the jumps track on ashes. Been bombarded with questions about this and it's finally arpan but there is a little twist you'll need to be a vip member to play it in the early release before anybody else gets to see it and it's it's awesome so what you see in the nut of the jumps ti amax e fm ex world championship videos. That special track. You can now play it. The other cool thing is this ranking system and i found out at the bottom but there's basically a ten tia ranking system starting from a squid which i am unfortunately rookie weekend warrior amateur c. And eight grade privaty pro and then you get to world class on notice. Some guy's already thinking. Steve is a squid so that basically works out perfectly with the style. I have on a track but it comes with all kinds of rewards including one hundred percent mall earnings in the toolbox is an op to ten thousand weekly gold coins for your salary which is not to be sneezed at in any game. If any of you guys avid video game play has like i am. It's pretty damn good. Basically you'll getting half of the full vip treatment if you don't wanna pay to play but if you pay for then you get the other bonus parts like let's say the night of the jumps track and we'll actually twice as much more with salary and you get a hell of a lot of other things which is really cool But if you are a fee free to play play you can still get to that point With of work but something. I think that's really cool for the diehard gamers and squeeze light may you can either earn it while having fun and playing or you just spend the money and sneaky way up to get your weekly salary now. I'm sure is probably bleeding after listening to all of this But before i gar i mean of course. Everybody loves free bia. Especially if you are writing you have to be over. Eighteen remember jump on the ride is launch podcast instagram. That's where i am most of the time flicking thrown saying who's doing what and what's going down in the world of action sports motocross and i'll put the link into the shower description on how to enter to win the free mini keg of wrought house. Ten in sepla pills bia. I love free beer. And as a matter of fact and as a matter of fact. I had to bleep myself there. I like free stuff in general but this one is definitely worth it but more importantly it really helps to get the word out of the podcast. Two more like mine people who are into freestyle motocross and even if you're into motocross in general or action sports fans as that's the direction this is going in.

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