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A symmetric asymmetric spread. Corona to them, I guess. Around the. Next week. Who Yo- bull? Because a new house, Goto to focus on the tune on. Glorious you sound like unreleased weekend triangle. You know what I'm saying. Is motherfucker kid marrow humid? Derogate Darwin Mekdad Curve AK, trays. motherfucker dog S, and keep it moving. Asked me if I can fuck. Your leash is less than six feet long stupid. Could Forget Manning Monica you know what I'm saying? No need to check the guest list. Because he was so fucking I to come out, she got back down again. Next pizzas losing twenty twenty-five. You stupid assholes, what I'm saying. I'll take. Out. You fucking do what. I. Still Doing what you're doing too much story. Come on now AKC bath you. You know what I'm saying Okay Tiger back with smoking three grand blended. How To, Sh-, money and he smoke issue. Paul Goldschmidt. You know what I'm saying. Okay I got my kids Comey Kobe tests. Exiting like that. No, I think that they knows me because I'm the what the motherfucking data the Year Aka Beal Ada Yo Madonna Aka digging abatement. Pushing, motive supposed to be. Being actually yes, it does not belong to meet. That is an incorrect statement to you I. Respect to agency. My Queen, please. May May I have a whiff? Of Your Pubic Zone, thank you, look at the growth, look hey. Just! AK Anti so smooth fall asleep at the wheel and crashes. And then I. Was By. castile enormous, go bad. AK The Dominican Dada Dada Daddy a listen I'm GONNA, take my card and again is the money on. Don't make me Paris you. I know we're social distancing, but I will jump. Snuff you. You know what I'm saying. If you don't just let me mother fucking. Do this shit right now. You know what I'm saying. An old three in the morning but I will take you to Jesus tomorrow the open. And they will open you up. You. Know what I'm saying plume. Say ROMILLAS Anti-death Poverty. And Social Distance Brown opened up any type of cheese. Oh, you beat these teams, rob alita sheiks anything to eat dot data. My at my delete. What I'm saying all that saying. Yeah, one eat the. Sunni Shia. Saying. Ice Cream Paulo Fan. That's I'm out here. You'll let. Me? Get, my Chelsea booth I need them. That you hello. Is it we? We met. Walk. Hit Way no mass dog. That's responsible and I suppose the fuck share L., would you? Give the public community value you fuck both get out of here for worm. You know what I'm saying. UNBELIEVABLE AK town prestigious memorial balls. Bobby Crafts. You know what I'm saying it ascension. Exposure COSMA book. Essentially. Of course you know what I'm saying because that's what we do, you know what I'm saying. We we elicit we we need. ENTHUSIASTIC EXPLICIT Cassette. The I need it. Give me that. You have to yoga hardcore bid. Alcohol, carries, A. That's another thing with betty white very very province. Again. Top live bits. This is before I wrote, Aka. Appears Aka, nobody'll. Steak I gotta get some sticks. You Know Say Aka Joe Hookah. You to what? She. Table sees. What the fuck is going! Man Issues we. BEEN BOSTON? My hands are gifted. Have, you ever made to. Breasts have empty Ben and Jerry's pen containers can meet with realistic nipples. No, you haven't only I can do that because I, am the master surgeon. I don't know what I'm doing government, but you know I'm slapped here doing surgeon things. I think trump's forgotten even in here. He hasn't sent me clean sheets in months. It's unbelievable. Bubble. The fuck. Man. I'm not. Saying. Say. To five minutes GOBS again. He no brown sugar. Call the town. Live Harare harassing the shit out of pain Sweden ALFRESCO. Is these traumas Stephen? Oh his greatest hits like. cooped. I can keep the dope sick love. On. You better bring that. Back. I'm not going to be a lover I picked. Your grandma social security back more popular I. Don't Know My name. My name is Margarita Martinez Pablo Monsanto that psycho les from nuts get. Bob Dole. Hey Listen Bro. In this. AK. Shit! Oh Fuck. BREXIT's football cast because every week I, said the same. Thing! To. The. Point of which I am one. One. Day You will. A. Know, how? You know what I'm saying. Christmas I'm never gonNA. Fail. You know what I'm saying because he's about retirement and plus me again. If, you join the PODCAST. Yeah, fuck, would you what I'm saying? You could be the sports segment. You know what I'm saying. Kay played and be a to K Portland in the bubble smoke legal. It's boring mellows. He released right at the top of his jump unbelievable. You'll love to see it yo if you see tug at late in the shit on fire, because the mother fucking set it again, and I feel like motherfuckers, Mammal Molotov emeril four got a kid or normative. K. Tom Petty and the ball breaker a gay hill hello hey. Happy Birthday Party sheltie birthday party after it's over. And? Even you know social distancing. MR, China takeover. He is his is especially for a coastguards. Kids all right his lick your hand, Tieger hand touch to the next. Booth your hands together. Now touch me! Come on, wrote pretend. Checks. Are So fake famous I'm kind of rapper. He's complimentary. What about us? Give a fuck. I'M GONNA. Even changing the labels this just as Jack, Daniels Audi Kia Volkswagen on it, and he's drinking it. Pretending to be high got damn. What a clown! Zeh Aka East time to turn on SAP Foca. Only. On your local. Law y'all. Up..

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