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Obama justice department an fbi and in addition you know the oval way of that is how they handled the clinton investigation as you as you point out it's not really doesn't appear to be evenhanded with the way the current investigation is being handled but what i what i want to say is that that is separate from muller's investigation which is at the moment it's been inflated with it uh but what disturbs us about moller's investigation uh is the fact that there appear to be partisans in it and i'm not so much uh worried about people having anti trump political attitudes more political attitudes in the first place but i do think i think that the one of the big issues here is the manner in which the obama era um law enforcement and intelligence agencies were were put into the service of the clinton campaign and turned on trump and muller's investigation is problematic in that he recruited from the upper echelons of the justice department that was in that posture so thirty thirty seconds bottom line it what should he do he should have you should remove weisman issued look very carefully at anybody he recruited who was in the upper echelons of the uh obama justice department at but i think that you should have a struck test which is the agent that he did remove applied to all those people die any mccarthy you've also been writing about the port authority jehad s te and that attempted attack at here in new york city and once again were rushing to treat him like a civilian and a civilian trial which didn't work out too well with the benghazi mastermind who got acquitted on a bunch of murder charges in some of the more serious charges treating terrorism like a law enforcement enterprises something that any mccarthy thinks is a big mistake his first book was about that willful blindness andy despite the weighty topics here have a great christmas it's great to talk to you you're you got your guy betson sitting in for brian kilmeade today on the brian kilmeade shout challenging conventional thought and wisdom you're with brian kilmeade oh no if.

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