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Yes when he eighteen into. Was there super bowl year and two years later. It's no more golf. It's now stafford are nfc west preview coming up we're gonna have a whole top of the hour segment. We're gonna dive deep into that before. We start talking about a clockwork orange. Oh gracious i just love. This show malcolm mcdowell is gonna join us. We're back here on the richeisenshow radio network along with the rich eisen. Show podcast viewership I'm pardon me peacock viewership And later on in the show. Play a snippet of al michaels from my latest podcast about his career origin story. And how he first got to. Abc sports in wide world of sports in the wildest simony had there. it's just phenomenal. His stories are incredible. And you can get that at the cumulus podcast network. We're all podcasts. Are required just getting started is the name of it please. Subscribing get all the Previous episodes it'll be great. I'll tell you about it a little bit more later on so captains were named across the nfl today. Right there's a lot of Stitching sees all of these Anywhere from five seven players are being named captains on teams across the league and some of those names are starting to leak out on twitter. When it's very important to see whose name captain who is not it is important because this is you know a leadership position exact as bestowed upon them by their peers teammates. You know getting a see on the chess means a lot. Certainly if you're young kid just drafted fresh outta. Be while you and your lumps in a captain for the new york jets Zach wilson's cat back. Wilson's a captain read. Captain jack wilson's a captain. Zach captains sack will get you wince tonight. Captain.

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