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She did her comments and she she has love in your heart for every person and I like I said I've worked with her for years and that's consistent her comments and does she have love in a hard for every person I think one of the reasons why the governor may have gotten so animated and testy at that point in time is because David stringer was ultimately removed from our state capital and he was not removed because he said the one on the were not enough white kids were being racist did not move and then not disqualify David stringer from serving she was like removed because there were reports and documents and police reports from the time that he lived and Baltimore believe Maryland where he was accusing there was some evidence that he had inappropriate relationship with minors there was a sexual predator were the allegations and that is why you are ultimately removed now I'm we've gone too far and I think okay let's play that exchange one more time because you can even hear the reporter in the background going but we didn't know that at the time okay because if you're trying to describe Sylvia Allen as David stringer like well David stringer was kicked out wise and Sylvia Allen will do the trick was kicked out for very different reasons yeah he was not kicked out because not enough white kids he was kicked out because of preying on young children all right so let's listen to the exchange one more time and see if I've got that right now that every has the backstory on this Sylvia Allen.

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