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Race carter because they know that their their their time is is limited because is already been a nuclear holocaust holocaust and all the fallout assertive circling the earth like we were talking about the krakatoa eruption last week and how the with so much of volcanic ash that had been thrown miles into the stratosphere circling in the earth for a number of years that gave the world these incredible sunsets all through the 1880s and how maybe that might have influenced edward monk and other artist monk with the screen for instance and the various versions the four versions of it that he did you know that that sky might have influenced him that the blood red the oranges that were in those skies because of that that uh that incredible wa eruption but there's already in on the beach the armageddon has already taken place and so it's just a scientific certainty that that fall out will eventually cover the southern hemisphere and the action of the story primarily takes place in australia in sydney were the only place to go really four gregory pack the captain of the submarine and his crew is to be able to go to sydney so they fight they go there and he becomes kind of like the american commander of what is left of our fleet in the southern hemisphere commander of his own submarine and he he meets ava gardner who i think is a widow or just lonely but she has become an alcoholic and all this and they're slow to develop relationship because he is married with a family back in the states in the whole idea that that's all over with now a is psychologically again the whole idea of of psychology denying that finally coming to some kind of accommodation with that truth in being able to reach out into embrace the new relationship this life of what can be enjoyed of life in the time they have with the gardeners characters is is wonderful or the the characters the way that they had these onsong casts in the films in that period are just incredible you have the stars but then you had this galaxy of wonderful supporting actress these performances that really create the environment for these films and make them you know everlasting but one seen in the in the novel i remember on the beach that is not in the film his that at the very very end the crew of the of of.

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