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And watching watching that race back again this week, those give you think if it starts entirely possible or something of that level starting behind the two I'll travel and then you're just going to be able to go and pick up a book says that you do nothing wrong here and maybe one horse will finally break this. Shallow hair will do the yeah, I'm going to back him to do so and I think he'll drift. I'm not sure because that does get into the consciousness of the bidding public and I wonder if a Willy mullin source is going to just use serpent towards the top of the bedding like in Perry passer or Gaelic warrior who will touch on in a second. It wasn't surprised. Once Willie's confirms as well as an especially one pork, and it's one of them. Yeah. I'll be shocked if I'll be shocked if all them if port island didn't ride them paleo pass. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure Daryl would be absolutely thrilled if he chooses to write Kelly warrior. But I imagine he'll ride, I imagine Paul will ride in Perry pass and for those who don't know the relationship that Daryl Jacob has is he's first jockey to summoner and Isaac Swede, but Paul towner has first choice. For the Willie Mullins sources, the only exceptions to that is to say Mark Walsh with a first choice there. In those instances, but for town that gets first pick in these races. So you'd imagine it's going to be Danny Mullins will be on board Kelly warrior. I thought you might write that you might write a chunk. Yeah, possibly. And he's not able to this either. Let's touch on him next because he comes in with the marine national form. So. Brazil reads like a good peaceful yeah, absolutely. Good enough, obviously too. You wanted to go with us to load two 5 and then that was typically very drop back to two miles, didn't seem an issue that they and then yeah, I think it was, I think these are the change tactics, wasn't it allowing them to do it trying to hold them up and any race too freely in the royal Bond. So again, maybe it wasn't quite such as best that day. It was good. It was good and a lot of us are nice again. I think the final hurdle was a metabolic is clearly the best source on the day greens clear west and there was obviously a bit disappointing on the day, but. There was no fluke about it. And he's out E that four runs fairly close together. And so again, they can understand. Why you've been freshened off of it? Yeah, and they would basically disappointed with them in the royal Bond, but he was too keen that day. Things didn't go to me. It was a funny play race. That's why I think you look at that form, literally it should say, why is marine nationale short for the supreme but I think in a troop more to do on race I thought would have seen nationality even better like personally. Yeah, it might improve his jumping as well because to my eye. It didn't need to be fair. He's slow over his hurdles. He makes a notable mistake at the last, but he's not gaining ground at the other flights. He just seems to lose. He actually drops back through the field at one point. Whereas some of these drivers like Irish point was jumping beautifully. It's not just tomatoes, that wasn't the case with marine national. He might be better when it comes to the children festival, but that's another slight concern that said earlier on, but hey, we got there in the end. I wouldn't rule champagne out of this at all. My pick right now would be Hermes and he has to overcome that woeful statistic, but the class is there. And there's no horse that has a better piece of forum coming into this than him. I mean, he won't end up on the bottom of the ambulance, but he might end up in the grandstand. You can't get away with the giving up as much ground as he is at the flights of hurdles and be able to go and win a grade one, novice or let's jump in festival. Can you? No, that's not what I think. And that's, as I said before, I just don't think you could get away with this level. I'm still see them from having beaten them back to Nancy post last year. I wouldn't have beaten off a marga one 29, but I was painful. It was good last time we were there. For me, it was entitled to win of one 43. How do I implement the other way? I'm not the best. I don't want the weights came out and not running the time before the club now. Because I think he was qualified for a fairly well fairly decent Mark, that day. Yeah, he was qualified. But he obviously went and you won a nice handicap anyway to the RF. So just for me, watching that part he's got his goal, a little bit. Let's see in the world and again, I think he'd be probably want to be excited about going forward next season, no offenses, but just those worrying me that distinct light lightness that he has to go to his rights and when you comment down the bottom of the hill if he does that again, I think it will be a cool proof costly. If you do like marine nationale, then Irish pointed 40s. He's been taken out of the supreme. This is his only option. Gordon says he goes. He would need to improve and he's a 5 year old, which would be against him as well. Same as imperial pass, although the new one was a 5 year old 21 in 2013. But at 40, scumbag each way back, I might be tempted into. Yeah, that's certainly good on his Irish debut. And that was only we maybe two weeks before the royal Bond, and then he backed it up again. With another good run one stepped up to two and a half in the law as a mace. Maybe it was a case of three fairly quick runs was another determinant factor with this disappointment run the Dublin releaser festival because it was three starts

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