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It's kind of funny because this promo stuff contains even the next on rawal the acolytes keep the tag titles beating christian and edge when gang grill would kidnap christian and they do a double team power bomb to beat edge and three minutes and forty seconds but they had holly in the ring intros he's pretty funny even announced himself as the winner of course eventually he gets in the ring and attacks route but the acolytes lame out so cain runs in joke slams the acolytes bob holly and ed and they keep this going let's fast forward to august tenth hall is doing an interview any introduces his brother crash holly has really aaron o'grady from the independence he's of course coming in from california he's got his hair dyed blonde just like holly and meltzer would write their gimmick is to both argue over who is the toughest it didn't get over wallace crash holly the right guy and how did this idea come to be because he writes in his book that he shows up in milwaukee and you come over and say you're not the big anymore now you have a cousin and he thinks it sucks and allegedly lets you know that and he wants to keep doing the super heavyweight thing but he doesn't like doing it with a guy who looks like ill roy from the jetsons well who says didn't get over bought bob said that it didn't get over bob's meltzer sent meltzer said okay well again buck a melter it did get over and it was it was a hell of a it was a hell of a team bob hated it at first because bob wanted to see be a single bob looked at it at first as this is tag team and tried to explain to know it's not a tag team this is just your brother he's going to be coming in basically a smaller version of you you guys are going to fight not necessarily get along he's going to be that irritating little pesky brother that.

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