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City. Breaking news. I I this is w SP twenty four hour. Continuing news the Super Bowl compound downtown WSB's Michelle Wright Super Bowl live the free event at Centennial Olympic Park reopened today. And there's a lot on tap for football and music fans alike. Acts like Josh Bricker Tyler trid hero, the Bannon Craig Campbell all taking the main stage and producer Jemaine. Tells me he wanted to make sure that the world sees all the talent that Georgia has to offer. I wanted to make sure that I share this experience with all of the artists of Atlanta or Georgia period. Football fans, you can get a glimpse of folks. Like Tony Gonzalez. Matt Ryan, Ciclon Barclay and Steven Jackson continuing our team coverage of Super Bowl fifty three here in Atlanta. Authorities on the lookout for bogus big game merchandise to cuter Bill mix Wayne pointed to a Duluth police arrest this week of alleged counterfeiter Damon Daniels during a traffic stop. The arresting officer reported Mr. Daniels car was filled with printing equipment and card stock presumably to resume counterfeit tickets sales at this year Super Bowl. Authorities say Daniels is part of a larger ring they're tracking that hits all the big event. As channel two action news reporter, Tony Thomas new to the biggest fennel bust, ever US customs and border agencies more than two hundred fifty pounds worth hidden in a produce truck from Mexico after it came across the border. Into Arizona, new report estimates that nearly half of all American adults have some kind of heart or blood vessel disease and medical milestone, and mostly due to the expansion of guidelines recently, the judge how many people are considered to have high blood pressure. This report today by the American Heart Association says more than one hundred twenty one million adults in this country have some kind of cardiovascular disease WSB news time.

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