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During an alleged hazing event. One of the men 20 year old Jacob Crane of Delaware, Ohio, is charged with first degree involuntary manslaughter. Five others now are charged with the lesser third degree involuntary manslaughter. All eight are charged with failure to comply with underage alcohol laws and hazing. To be G s U students, meanwhile, are charged with trying to cover up the crime after the death of Stone folds. Former vice President Mike Pence is said to deliver his first public address since leaving office at a gala in South Carolina tonight, he will speak before a group of evangelical voters, he will likely highlight the best of the Trump administration and potentially positioned himself for a possible 2024 presidential run. However, former president Trump says he is 100% also considering running in 2024. He already has a running mate in mind. Trump told Fox business that Florida governor Rhonda Santis is a friend and a great guy, and he would be his running mate. He added that his endorsement of dissent is for governor helped the Florida politician take off like a rocket ship. Trump says that protecting the Second Amendment, the border tax increases and the energy industry would be part of his 2024 platform. Sarah Barton. Let NBC news Radio Police in Indiana say today. The recent discovery of a missing child found in the basement of her neighbor may have provided a break in a nearly in a nearby 2017 unsolved double murder of 13 year old Abby Williams and 14 Year old Libby German who were killed while they were taking a walk in the woods for years ago. Just 20 miles away. Last week, police arresting 42 year old James Chadwell, charging him with the kidnapping and attempted murder of a 10 year old girl in Lafayette, Indiana, about 20 miles away from Delphi, the sheriff telling ABC News. There are several factors leading them to look into Chadwell in connection with the Delphi girls, but declining to go into detail. ABC, Sami Rohrbach and Franklin County Fair organizers announced that the fair will go on this year with rides, concessions and other events on the county fairgrounds in Hilliard. It'll be on July 19th through the 25th. The Franklin County Fair Board has been working with local and State health leaders to meet all the health and safety guidelines that must be in place Radio 16 w. TV END Sports Round one of the NFL draft coming up tonight in Cleveland quarterbacks expected to go off the board quickly. Trevor Laurence of clubs and projected be taken by Urban Buyer in Jacksonville. A number one Justin Fields, one of four other cubes expected to go quickly. Draft starts at eight on both ESPN of the NFL network. His Blue Jackets update service of Elsie Jeanne Logistics jackets have an optional practice today. They don't play again till Saturday when they visit Carolina in their final road game of the season. Baseball, the Reds and Indians both off today, Reds host the Cubs. The Indians have the White Sox tomorrow from the central aisle. Honda Dealer Sports Test Matt Recordings radio 6 10 w TVs. I'm Alison Wiant stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the.

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