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At. I mean if if a they're providing you know the gear and maybe you didn't bring your gear for that particular show or something you know. It's like well you got no choice right. Bring you didn't bring your bass amp so you're going to use what whatever they supplied so nothing broken. They thought under the amazing win. So since we're on that topic let's talk about What's the what's the crappiest situation you can think of when it comes to a venue providing backline have you ever. I'm sure you've come across some usually joe joe. The drummer is laughing. Because usually it's the drums usually the drums. If venue is providing shrooms as backline. They're usually in the worst shape right. Yeah hotted it was avenue in london it was. It was one of the lots of lots of bands on say they would just have this cap and everybody can use it. And like i don't know how many people play before us but we got on setup and everything we what we can bring a change could see joseph scott. This game badge must decide. The looks like it's not good for the it held up for everybody else but then for me it decided to commit suicide no by ride simple use of a crash down hit flopped. Dissemble flew off that way somewhere I think the floor. Tom fell down as well at one. Point is just i. I mean for me it was probably rescue exile just like oh my god everything that could go wrong is now going up. It wasn't a. It's so different for i mean. Obviously it's it's different anyone who's using equipment. They've never used before or they're sharing gear with someone but for drums. It's like a completely different ballgame because it's not a matter of just what it sounds like tone like that doesn't affect your playing most times right. I mean the tone of your guitar. Sh- shouldn't affect the way you play. I mean i guess it could but more or less like if you're planning a kit and it's just all shape differently and yet it's constantly falling apart. I just imagined joe behind this kit right now and the things that are just falling over like every time he hit something he's got to put it back up and you know it's just provide kit now anyway. I you're just just like take it up with our manager derek hill. Straighten you instantly. Oh goodness so. Let's let's dive into playing with fire. We kind of touched on you know the making of the video just a tad more more or less about that. Marshall guitar cab But let's dive into what this song is about. And and how was crafted. Some yet is basically So the show. Hand measure is the is Is written like during the festival will Onto an and in a hotel room. And i was doing only the judge decides result we had the making of the risks so thing and when we get back right will stop making something out. lockdown happens kind of ended up all the ideas kind of like that just ended up. Kind of big me working on the men's fest get in city like together ensue. In serving a few months later then like lyrically zone. is basically about a like people. I knew it had so like friendships relationships. And everything kind of broken down over Like power the lockdown crans pandemic and everything And there's a few instances where it was kind of a case of that'd be said involved if it'd be like a relationship or a. He said she said moment. Somebody up something that they really shouldn't have So the whole light yadda lyrics concept for his. Like appreciate what you have. Because i think took recall when you're playing fire and that's basically kind of a little bit cautionary if you will Without making it sound too pretentious kind of like really should appreciate what you go because when it's all gonna is your vote If it is your Aaron islamic ocean appreciate. We got so you're kind of referring to how fire is both a a a tool like a blessing but it's also a curse like it's also fire is good but it's also bad or camp. Turn bad yeah. I like that analogy a lot. And that's so true. So true man is one of these identities told me i would have really like a approach if the covid situation worldwide hadn't happened and you just hearing things saying things like it's just so strange like friendships and relationships and various businesses. Everything was just kinda crumbling fooling and so many people. I knew if i hadn't done this. This would have been all. This is kind of like you like a appreciate we've gotten so this gonna fizzle is appointed by your own hand upbeat and happy. Is it so it sounds like it's like a kind of message behind Dislike owns you. Because sue is going. Okay and i. I yeah i could. I could see going different ways. And i'm sure fans so far have taken it either way I'm i'm curious to hear scotty. I'm assuming you're the main lyricist in the band right. Yeah okay. But what i wanna hear. What like joe's take on it is and and cates. Take on it as well. I'd love to hear when you guys think of playing with fire. What comes to mind in particular for you and.

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