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Named Wendy link as bookers replacement and link is meeting today with the company that's going to provide new voting machines that won't overheat during a recount now we use the fill in the arrow straight line ERO and with the new machines it'll be filling in the oval. So that's an extraordinary idea new machines. It'd be bailable for the twenty twenty election and link says that she does not plan to seek reelection in two thousand twenty a Wellington family says that they're lucky to be alive after truck smashed through their living room Sonia Lewis, says she was just sitting where the truck ended up air was active. Fifty a heavy duty truck in our living room on any other given Friday, I would have been sitting there, and I wouldn't be standing here talking with you. My granddaughter wouldn't be here. So Lewis says that she wants to city of Wellington to construct a barrier. You're the sidewalk along Wellington place to prevent this from happening again in the future, personally, John. She had three year old port St. Lucie girl who was shot in the head last October and a road rage incident. She's back in the hospital as doctors tweeter for an infection in her head wound three-year-old may need further surgeries and has a long road ahead of her for now. Doctors say she will receive antibiotics through an IV line for several weeks. She has made incredible progress the doctors at the time expected her to make a full recovery with physical therapy. She's been getting for the past couple of months doctors have not yet commented on how the latest surgery will affect her overall recovery time line. This is Ricky bowl NewsTalk eight fifty W F D L, but like continuing its new tradition of buying beer for the city that wins the Super Bowl. The beer company said whichever city wins Super Bowl fifty three. They'll also win a whole lot of free beer. So judge Kavanagh's heading to New England. I'll tell you the tradition started last year when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl this year. Los Angeles Rams will face off against the New England. Patriots in Atlanta on bills birthday, February third roll tide. No, just kidding. All anybody the two thousand nineteen Oscar nominations are being announced right now. And I haven't live streaming at the website eight fifty W F T L dot com. In case, you're one of those people that you know, loves it. So the two thousand nineteen Oscar some of of the shortlisted nominees are Roma. That's the film made in Mexico Warren bunch awards Black Panther bohemian rhapsody. If Beale street could talk and vice that's the the movie with Christian bale who said he summoned Satan to play the part of the former Vice President Dick Cheney other possible contenders are stars born green book, the favourite which picked up a few Golden Globes and critics choice awards and some of the country will be facing. Again, the wickedly cold temperatures we can expect to cool down later on in the week as well right now it is eight thirty four time for traffic..

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