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R C Good looking start to this Wednesday morning. Lots of sunshine will chilly out there. But the clouds will start to roll in later this afternoon, and 55 will be the high today. Right now. Sonny and 30. Alabama's morning news College football National championship game will go on as scheduled, and she's got more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. But first Fox News covers the world. Fox News. I'm Chris Foster. Democrat Jon Ossoff's has declared victory in his Senate runoff race in Georgia. But it's close enough as of now for an automatic recount. Fox News is calling the other race for the Democrat Raphael Warnock over Senator Kelly Leffler, Georgia. I'm on it. By the faith that you've shown in me. And I promise you this tonight. I am going to the Senate. Work for all of Georgia if both Democrats when the party takes control of the Senate Congress meets today. Accountant confirm the electoral college results as session provided over by vice President Pence. The New York Times reports this morning that Pence told the president he did not have the power to block congressional certification to which the president put out a statement saying The New York Times report regarding the comments Vice president Pence supposedly made to me today is fake news. He never said that the vice president and I are in total agreement that the vice president has the power to act. Boxes. Griff Jenkins, Americans listening to fuck me. Good morning. I mean Gene or bell with Alabama's morning news of robbery, shooting and Carjacking at a convenience store in Birmingham Happening in Inslee overnight, a man pumping gas suspect approach spoke briefly, then suspect trying to get in the car. That's one of fight ensued. Suspect stole the victim's gun, shot him in the leg, then jumped into the car and took off. Victim's injury is not life threatening. Up. Still looking for the suspect, a Shelby County sheriff's deputy out of the hospital following a call that ended with the suspect's death. Authorities say a woman ran over the deputy during a domestic call near Colombiana. Deputies opened fire killing 48 year old Amanda Faulkner and investigation is ongoing. Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Devante Smith, the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner, the virtual ceremony held on ESPN. Smith first thanking God and then had a message for young people. It's auto Young kids out there. That's not the biggest, not the strongest. Just keep pushing because I'm not the biggest. I've been doubting the light just because of my size and really, it just comes down to you. Put your mind to it. You can do it. No job's too big, Smith says. There's two reasons he's back to school is very important. Just because two main reasons I came back was to get my degree in tow one another national championship, so I've checked woman box. I'm just trying to check the other one out, and that could happen Monday night. Bama plays Ohio State for the national title College Football playoff executive Bill Hancock says the championship game is still on for Monday. There have been rumors flying around, especially yesterday that Ohio State had covert issues in the game would be canceled. But Hancock says that's not true. It's going to go on a scheduled in Miami Monday night right now. 30 degrees Sunshine. Next news at eight. I mean 10 or fell on Alabama's morning news now back to your host J T. All right, Angie, by the way, and she did you happen to catch Kristen Savion, the daughter of coach Nick Savings Tweet. Yes, I follow her on Twitter. I follow her on Twitter. I love her to death. Oh, I do, too, And she's not one to pull any punches, and she'll say she'll say, what's on your mind? I'm not sure how Dad feels about that. Or maybe he's okay with it since You know, I can't say those things, but he's probably not paying attention. That's why we truly I don't think he's on Twitter. So not like coach Kiffin that Zachary a lot of people wondering what Kristen Saving said. I'm going to paraphrase you're basically she was saying so. Ohio State wants to wait another week so their quarterback Justin Fields can get a little bit healthier after he took a nice shot from Clemson in that game. He's got Bruce ribs right now, and that is tough to play with. And she said, Look, we didn't put in. You know, our Our back up there. We didn't stop and wanna delay games because water was hurt. Why don't you put in your backup quarterback and let's play the game? So no game must go on by so, Yeah. Kristen Saving, basically calling Ohio State out. But as you mentioned the ideas said, no. The game will go on. So there you go. All right, thanks. So and I appreciate it. 7 36 Alabama's Morning news. Hey, reminder for you. The key word to text this hour is love l O..

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