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Winning the competition saves lives spill Rapley from NBC ten Amanda milk events in today's Providence Journal addresses. What I like to call the vapor story, you know, this thing's front and center for better part of a week or two and all of a sudden, you don't hear much about it. But it's back. Former state aid accused of groping providence teenager in offering him. A state job is pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor. Assault charge. That's Daniel Brown. He lost his job that Pete about sixty three thousand bucks a year as a chief aide and the department of labor in training shortly after providence police arrested in last summer an eighteen year old man told officers that Brown brought him back to his apartment in providence back in July on pretenses of getting him a state job instead gave the teen alcohol and fondled him. Police said the teenager reacted by stabbing Brown in the neck. I'm sure you remember the story Brown was originally charged with second degree, assault sexual assault. And if convicted would have had to register as a sex offender, however, a plea agreement back on January sixteenth. Amended. The charge to simple assault and removed that possibility Brown was sentenced to probation for a year. I'm a simple assault charge and six months probation to serve concurrently for offering the teenager alcohol. Meantime, the teenager is still facing a felony assault charge for allegedly stabbing Brown. The American gaming association says about ten percent of Americans say that they're going to bet on the Sunday's Super Bowl which translates to about twenty two point seven million people in about six billion dollars in bets currently only eight states offer legal regulated sports betting, which is about why about one point eight million. That's why of those Americans plan to bet illegally through a bookie with millions more placing a better illegally through offshore online. Bookies, of course, here in the ocean state. We are one of those eight states. Yeah, we get to the race early beating out the rest of New England sports betting. How much is it generated revenue since it was legalized here in Rhode Island? Here's Erica Ritchie from eyewitness news. But it's early. Seven weeks to be exact that's when the first sports betting venue opened in Rhode Island at twin river in Lincoln, the Tiverton casino almost immediately following the numbers that came in Monday reflect revenues from five of those weeks modest it's probably the best way to describe it right now Paul gremaldi of the state revenue department shared the financial gains with us at a meeting of the state lottery committee at the Lincoln gaming facility at twin river just over nine hundred thousand dollars came in the Tiverton casino netted about one hundred twenty three thousand dollars combine the sports books. Brought in just over a million dollars the states cut fifty one percents or about half a million dollars. We've got our work cut out for us. That's because the projection for this fiscal year, ending June is twelve million dollars. But gremaldi is confident it just needs momentum to build get some big winners out of the Super Bowl out of the NBA play-off.

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