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From NPR and WBZ Chicago This is wait wait dunk tell navy in PR news quiz I'm Bill Curtis we're playing this week with Chris Stella Alonso Paula poundstone and Morocco And here again is your host We've just upgraded to a 5 P at Peter Segal Thank you Bill right now it is time for the wait wait don't tell me what's the listen again call one triple 8 wait wait to play our game in the air high Euron wait wait don't tell me Fantastic I'm so glad to be here I'm Sean Kidd and just across the Lake from you So if I stand on a real tall sand dune and wait you might be able to see me I'm waving back I'm waving back Where you're in Michigan where are you I am I'm in Kalamazoo Oh I love Kalamazoo been there once or twice It's really lovely there What do you do there I am a United methodist pastor here Oh wow Okay Now I have to admit I'm not that familiar with the various I don't know divisions in the Protestant church So united methodists where is your religion in the playoffs right Exactly Oh you know we're hurting a little bit over here Well welcome to the show Sean It is nice to have you with us You're going to play the game in which you must tell truth from fiction Bill what is Sean's topic Good fences make good neighbors Usually disputes between neighbors can be resolved with a simple conversation or a little arson But this week we heard about a problem with the neighbors that got out of hand Our panel is going to tell you about it pick the one is telling the truth and you will win our prize the wait waiter of your choice on your voicemail Are you ready to play I am All right well first then let us hear from Paula poundstone The house at 5 22 cold rain circle in the almost fairytale neighborhood in samath Washington sold quickly to the sedge family a year ago And why not Their neighbors were an older couple who had raised a big family there They were lovely Within months the sedatives were calling the cops on their neighbors and petitioning for stricter zoning laws They had 13 kids says John said it And every one of them got married and remarried in their backyard They sometimes have two weddings a weekend They have a Beatles tribute band on salary Susan went on John and I had a fight during their son Angus vows right in the middle of our journey of love will never end The whole wedding party could hear me scream don't You touch me We were patient with the manure smell from the brides that arrived on 6 white horses but the rose petals fired from cannons at the sunrise wedding and the F-16 jet flyovers were too much we thought we were under attack until we heard the reggae version of sunrise sunset That's when we called the police A neighbor gets really upset at all the joy and love and happiness at all the weddings and their neighbors backyard Your next story of a neighborly menace comes from cristela Alonso Can't sleep Try counting toilet flushes which is what a couple in the Italian town of Las Vegas did Because the four brothers who owned the apartment next door installed their toilet directly on the other side of the wall from the couple's bed So naturally they took the brothers next door to court and just this week 19 years later they finally got a judgment in their favor The Supreme Court of Italy has ruled that the noise of a toilet when you're trying to sleep is a violation of the European convention of human rights But why did it take 19 years Because Italian courts both are forced to take any case that comes to them And also the judges are busy with passionate affairs and jazz jury with their hands An Italian dispute between neighbors takes 19 years to be finally found a human rights violation by the Italian Supreme Court Your last story of a problem next door comes from Morocco It's no secret that brick and mortar retail has been fighting a losing battle with online shopping And some of the biggest casualties have been mannequins Joyce Sims of Little Rock decided that these stoic soldiers of consumer culture passed deserved a proper send off and so she turned her yard into a burial ground For mannequins soon enough boxes were arriving from across the country and Sims got ordained A mannequin from Manhattan's chic bendel's boutique was buried after a short discreet service the mourners in all black with sunglasses driven away in limos But when a pair of mannequins from New Orleans Maison blanche department store were laid to rest after a raucous procession of jazz musicians paraded through the neighborhood the mannequins carried by horse drawn carriage neighbors began complaining The final straw when a mannequin from the Indian owned max fashion in Denver arrived says neighbor Evans shield when joy built a giant funeral pyre in our backyard and set it on fire for the cremation of that mannequin I said enough But choice Sims isn't packing town Sir hate has no home here My yard is a sacred resting place for mannequins of all fates All right so there was a neighborly dispute in the news which was it from Paula pounced on neighbors in California getting upset with their neighbors for constantly throwing weddings from cristela Alonso dispute between neighbors in Italy that went all the way to the Italian Supreme Court where they decided that a flushing toilet on the other side of a wall was a human rights violation or from mo a mannequin burial ground in Little Rock that caused a lot of consternation to the neighbors which of these was the real story of a dispute between neighbors and the news Well as much as I love weddings and funerals as a pastor I think that both of those sounds a little outlandish So I am going to go with the middle one I'm going to go with number two You're going to go with Chris Stella's story of the Italian dispute with the toilet and the other side of the bedroom wall reaching the Supreme Court That's your choice Well we spoke to a reporter who covered the real story and brought it to our attention They cited basic rights that all people have and one of them is being able to sleep uninterrupted by the sound of a toilet That was Marissa yati She is The Washington Post writer reported on the Italian toilet and the human rights violation Congratulations you got it right Hey thank you so much You earned a point for Stella simply for telling a true story well and you have won our game and our prize The voice of anyone you might choose on your voicemail Congratulations Thanks so much How great it's been a lot of fun Thank you It's been fun to have you See you over coffee this Sunday See you there Peter.

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