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A good friend of twenty four is Austin, Ward. He's the head of content. Listen Gallery. And he told the globalist earlier today about the reopening, and about whether these new digital innovations in the arts sector could be here. Here to stay here. He is by worth a moment about twenty years ago when everyone discussed the exciting innovations of net art and the first works online that we're actually digital only, but I think we're just learning the ways now to catch up with the fact that people do live the majority of their laws online, and we have to reflect as well. We can't pretend that people may not want to travel for the foreseeable future may not want to go to office, so we have to be able to open up to the world in different ways and using that portal as primary exhibition space for now. Seen won't talking to US Elliott Kelsey talking there about people's read since round traveling a reluctance to I guess. Maybe that's counterintuitive to degree. Want one does a lot of people think this could be desperate to get out back into the world, but. Looking at the art world specifically Aussies right because they've been wrestling with the increasing influence of online without an auction spaces, commercial spaces public It's not going to change everything. You don't have a crystal ball, but if you did what would it be telling you? Well I! Do think that the fact that. Online digital art has existed for quite a few years and hasn't managed to completely on is thrown physical arts. The way we know it is in itself a bit of a sign I don't think that the entirety of the commercial art world's model will be upended because for two months, people couldn't go physically to galleries. I think it will have an effect, and it will probably tempt those people who approached buying off commercially in a way that is more investment like. into so in a way, that's probably more practical for them. But for those who collect for different reasons. And offer mixed reasons. Seeing, an artwork in Passan is still I think. Just a replaceable as an experience to. To find out whether you do like it when you do one for it to a company going forward whether your I I'm buyer or collected, that is amassing a collection that they wanNA show in their own foundation. I do think that. This situation has. Forced galleries to rethink is how they need to use their digital space because. There are lots of galleries have taken to their online presence as basically you know shopping carts, and so the experience of watching of going to an exhibition online is basically like scrolling through. A page where you can just put something in your shopping trolley and then go head to check out and I think the galleries that. Have used digital works appropriately online will be able perhaps even to feed that conversation from a content point of view, and how the work can evolve in lockstep with what the gallery can show because digital are ultimately depends on the media in which is shown in so the more the galleries websites evolve more digital art, itself can evolve. I think that's an exciting development. Saying that and I think that the physical fair has a place. In Our habits. Obviously, there were lots of conversations already about whether the mega outfit still had relevance in our current. The there were too many offers and the clerk proliferation about fares on the calendar and I think the ultimate response in the term will be that though smaller art fairs that we did keep seeing proliferating will actually come in quite handy right now, because maybe yes, people don't feel like they can travel. All the way to Miami own. Across. At the moment. Maybe they will feel like bail. Go to their own deals offense. They had snubbed because they had bigger fast. Goto or maybe. Not ferron just the country nearby it could lead to a new crop, or at least a leading crop of smaller galleries are accessible, mulkey rated, and I can prove a turning point for those organizations definitely. Christina, we've been hearing about your new son flooded wolves of your above ground domicile now the London slightly easing up, really be beating to a gallery up some extensive works to feature on those aforementioned walls, or is this something else you're? You're dreaming of doing as we. As we, as we head offline back into the real world while. Yes I could talk reams and reams about my apartment but I. Don't think too. Many people want to hear about that from the listeners side. I will say yes I've thought a lot about so the couple of the things that I did before the lockdown started here was go to a couple of museums, and that's sort of what. Is imprinted in my memory if you will going to the. Tutankhamun Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the tape. Modern those are the kind of things do have a big impact on your life when you're able to go out to some of these local exhibitions museums. It's the kind of things that I think for me at least there. That simply cannot be replicated by watching them online or digital galleries. I think what Karen talks. About is very interesting particularly when it comes to the purchasing of art, I can imagine that a little bit more perhaps if you have a really good website, if you have good innovative ways to show, the art works that you're going to purchase, that can make a difference for me, though in terms of actually the experience of art, the experience of exhibitions and art effects. Nothing can replace just just going out there and seeing them in person, so I am looking forward to doing that again. At some point soon. The only other thing I would add to that, perhaps on a more general note is sports. Of course I'm a big tennis fan for example and I was sad to see things like Wimbledon. Get delayed until next year, but that too I think it's good to watch on TV like watching TV, but nothing can quite replace the atmosphere of being in a crowd. Watching a sports event whether it's football or tennis or baseball or else so I'm very much looking forward to that, that will take a bit longer. Sadly I'm sure Tom. You feel that as well but It will take a little bit longer before we can get back to something like that, but. I'm looking forward to that day. I. Share Your Anticipation it'll be. Worth waiting for we have to hope Chris. Christie Mac and Kiara Amela. A pair I think you'd agree old masters, both and priceless, of course thanks to them for being with us on the late edition today. Thanks to you to ask. Judy manages steph genuine and San impact money so much here in London. We'll be back with another edition of the lights edition tomorrow at the right time until that goodbye. Thanks for being with us..

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