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Alabama? Apparently not a fan base in looking your face. Hey, was he was a bit of pretty pretty good job in the blind side. But the AFLAC commercials he could use a lesson or two. There is one flaw in his acting skills are not need anywhere near okay what he uses a coach. Okay, This is what is a critic, but the duck was better than he is in the athlete Commercial. We'll use the duck is the star. We all know you know that it's safe, and it's just a cold start when it comes to that, But he's getting star money. I'm sure from AFLAC when it's all said and done when it comes to Nick Saban. That's the most important thing about being championship worthy. And speaking of championship worthy Too early odds out for next year when it comes to Alabama. The prohibitive favorites win a national championship last year. Plus 300 comes in second, plus 400 or House data. Plus 7 50, Oklahoma at plus 7 50. Georgia Plus 1200, Notre Dame plus 1500 texts and and plus 1800. I would stay plus 2200, Florida 12 25 100 sexy supposed 2500. Either way. Ah, lot of the same old same old with the teams we meant, especially the top three with Alabama Crimson, Ohio State being the prohibitive favorites to be in the spotlight again playing for a national championship shooting. Freddy got the top six, You know, and for people don't know what Freddie means By the Plus 300. If you bet $100 Alabama right now to win the national championship next year. You get 300 back and so on so forth. Yeah, This is the way too early. We do it every year, Right Looking ahead, and everyone does every Web sites already looking ahead to 2021 the way too early preseason kind of look, but You have to go ahead. And even with all the departures, they're gonna happen with Devante Smith and nausea hairs. And if Mack Jones decides to go to the NFL, he's a junior Christian bar. Maura's redshirt sophomore going down the list right of guys that Maybe the party. It doesn't matter. Remember that talk about well, too was gone. I mean, who's this Mack Jones guy? He was just the old Mississippi player of the year. You think savings, offering a full boat to some quarterback who can't Chuck it 10 yards. Yeah, What's so? The next wave is going to be just another wave like we've seen time and time again, you know, from marking room to Derrick Henry to both Scarborough to let me go now to Damian Harris tonight, you hear? CJ Mosley Rashaan Evans to Dylan Moses. Me keeps going. Yes, it's the same thing so going But Bam in that college football playoff, just pencil them and year in year out as long as ST Nick is there the team But I do believe Are we too early? 2021 Look ahead, Freddy that will finally get to the college football playoff national championship. Okay, if Lincoln Riley is still in Oklahoma because Word is that some NFL teams are coming and sniffing around in Norman again, and I don't blame them. I'd be more than sniff and I'd be bringing a Brinks truck with me. Absolutely. Especially with the Eagles. You wanna fix Carson Wentz? Have a quarterback was for like that. It. Lincoln Riley is there. I think Oklahoma gets to the national championship game. I've seen them in person against Florida. Ah, lot of that talent is coming back, Led by Spencer Rattler. Quarterback who? My gosh! After the first three weeks the season who he belongs someday he's the next great Oklahoma quarterback under Lincoln, Riley. Watch out for the Sooners next year. I think they're coming in hell Bent, Freddie. He's in Fitzsimmons on Freddie Coleman and Freddie and Fitz Simmons on ESPN radio. The ESPN happens. It's on channel 80. So, yeah. You know, we're gonna be excited. Because we're council..

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