Michael Flynn, ABC, Starbucks discussed on Howie Carr


Peter four two four two four that's tip two four two four two four from ABC news Michelle Franzen today on Capitol Hill all our lives black lives matter George Floyd's brother felonious testifying before Democrats and Republicans looking into police reform alone is Floyd called the killing of his brother a modern day lynching as he spoke to the house Judiciary Committee just one day after his family gathered for George's funeral anybody what a **** the lotus Rome you don't do that to you will be you don't even the dental and animal reform ideas discussed at Wednesday's hearing included increased training mandatory body cameras and an end to qualified immunity Adam Kelsey ABC news Washington the sister of black officer Patrick Underwood also testified he was killed during violent protests in Oakland California last week the White House says president trump is adding a round table tomorrow on his trip to Dallas on racial and social injustice in addition to a fundraiser a court appointed judge has reviewed the justice department's request to drop the Michael Flynn case calling the move quote an abuse of power retired judge John Gleeson called it highly irregular for the justice department to try to drop the criminal charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn it was only done he said to benefit a political ally of the president Gleason was appointed by the trial judge to oppose the request that came after the justice department to side of the F. B. I. lacked a valid reason to investigate Flynn Gleason said there was irrefutable evidence Flynn perjured himself as he's pleaded guilty to doing he should be sentenced Aaron Katersky ABC news New York the Federal Reserve signaling today the unemployment rate could remain high for the next few years due to the pandemic and job losses the economy will shrink by six point five percent this year some evidence to that Starbucks announcing it will close some four hundred locations in the next eighteen months and is expected to lose more than three billion dollars it says and revenue in its third quarter you're listening to ABC news liberty mutual insurance company presents.

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