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Hit forty below with the with the wind, and it was unbelievable. I was actually going out to watch two grown men in short pants. Play tennis Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe were in the finals of the tournament was not outdoors. Not quite it was at a place called the Rosemont horizon, which is a big basketball hockey style. Arita in the suburbs of Chicago. Just right. Very close to O'Hare airport. The night before I had put in my electric dipstick to keep my crank case trying to get into a jello, mold. I put a one hundred fifty watt lightbulb atop bike cars air air cleaner. And I had an enclosed garage that helped and I had filled up the car with gas totally fill up the car with gas and had two sets of car keys, which I'll explain here in a second. I had on shirts, and sweatshirts and shirts, and thermal underwear I had so much in the way of clothing that. Frankly, if I had been shot point blank with the twenty two short round, I think I would have sustained severe bruise. I don't think that round could have gotten through to my skin. That's how much clothing I was wearing. So I set forth for this network, by the way to cover counters and McEnroe playing tennis the Rosemont horizon had a pretty fair crowd. And it had the heaters on full. Of course, even so Connors McEnroe still had to wear their warm up jackets during part of the actual tournament. And I got to the parking lot at the Rosemont horizon full tank of gas, two sets a car keys. I I did not turn off the engine left. It running close the door. Locked it full take a guess, I'm fine. What I came out later cars still running. I got out of there. I would say at least half of the. Vehicles could not start. At that. That's one of my stories, I suppose of of meteorological macho I'd love to hear yours and how you cope one eight six six five O, JIMBO our number one, eight six six five zero five four six two six Berlin. As we talked to Patty and Legrand, Oregon. Hello, patty. Are you doing? Pretty good tonight. Well, that's good. Not.

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