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Page recently made fun of that on one of our streams or whatever, but all right, finally, we have Finn Balor versus foreshadowing. Finn Balor versus Roman Reigns for the universal championship. Yeah. Yeah, this was a really good match. Yes, yeah. Another guy that can make Roman look good, enjoyed it. The Usos attacked Ballard during his entrance, hitting him with the steel steps, multiple times. Jimmy sets up for the splash, but the street profits run out and they chase The Usos in the back. Yeah. And then rains comes out while Balor lays in the ring and pain. But he agrees to still have the match Roman face dominated for most of it. But Balor eventually made a comeback and hit the coup de gras and rains kicked out, but he low blowed Balor in the process, which he's done in the past. And then reigns locked in the guillotine and made Ballard pass out to retain the universal championship. After the match, Roman's walking up the ramp, and for a brief moment, the lights turned red and it's not The Fiend, but we hear something like that. That was good. Just a single heartbeat. Rains looks confused. But then everything goes back to normal as the show goes off the air. That's too bad. It's not The Fiend. God. Yeah, but the demons coming back. So it was ballers unconscious in the ring, but he summoned the demon. Yes. Yeah. The demons summoned himself. Love the demon hate that he's gonna job to Roman. Of course. Yeah. You think? He's only one person's beating the demon right? You think Samoa Joe? Samoa Joe. It's still a joke in NXT. No one's meeting the demon on the main roster. That's it. That's the demons weakness, samoans. I mean, it's pretty racist. All right. It's I racist. Samoa Joe. It's supported. It's not racist. That's even more racist. I'm just kidding, but yeah, don't get me canceled. Canceled. Yeah. Explain all ten in the slammer. I'm sure it'll be a great match, you know, just like this one was, but everyone falls a Roman. Right, of course. All right, entrepreneur, raw. All right, hold on, hold on. Oh, sorry. So in this spam between SmackDown oh yeah, that's right. First, we have all out. Wow, that was great. All right, Monday Night Raw. Man, they ran them coal. They pulled out all the guns for raw, right? How does raw start? How do they kick this off? Hey, they started the way I like when they started like Saturday night's main event. I'll give them that. Y'all you like those promos? I know, but at least at least I tried. Oh, you mean those riveting promos from lucha House party? Yeah. I think I love Ali. Xavier. And he was like, hey, baby. The new day. I was like, whoo. Yeah. Vince is just not, you know. He's like, I already missed my friend. Conscious enough to know that that was like he can't Adam Cole's not allowed to be on my YouTube show anymore. Yeah. Damn it. And he's the up up down down champion. And I don't know what to do. We gotta strip them. Oh, is he? No, I just made that up. Probably. But yeah, this was the hype the tag team turmoil match for later, pretty basic promos from everyone, even mason T bar. They didn't even do anything stupid. No, no. It didn't even say. Lions. Next up. Bizarro tea bar. Lion. Yeah. Lions. A unicorn. That was when you're in contract renegotiations. Okay. Lions. That's how we said lines. They just didn't blurt it. I was like, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh. All right. Eat antelope. What are they trying to do? That's what he said. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then he goes, oh, and wolves, they eat sheep, and then TV goes. That's not a joke, ladies and gentlemen. Nope. This is script from Monday Night Raw. Brilliant, brilliant script, Vince. I'm a genius. Yeah, we know. So first we have an in ring promo from the tag champs, RK bro. Morton says, let's see who's next in line to get beaten by us. Real starts talking about what he loves about every tag team until he's interrupted by Bobby Lashley and MVP. Lashley challenges Orton to a match. And Orton agrees, but only if the WWE Championship is on the line. Oh. So he's like the only smart babyface. Yeah, I guess you know. MVP says Lashley will defend the title against organic stream rules so there you go. Oh, MVP made the match. He did. Wow. Then lastly says we're gonna go talk to Adam Pearce and Sonya DeVille to get in the tag team turmoil match and then I will be a double champion. But then the new day comes out and Kofi's back, and he's dressed as Kevin Nash to go along with Woods who's been dressed as Scott hall for the past few weeks. Oh, now it makes sense. Yeah, finally makes sense. And Kofi tells Lashley, you might want to go hurry up because we're kicking off the tag team turmoil match right now. So that's first. We got the new day versus the Viking raiders. Ivar hits Woods with a splash off the top rope. And Woods kicks out. Check out there's like a 200 pound difference there too. Yeah. Not to mention Otis who's doing that on SmackDown off the second rope. And that's been putting guys out for like a month. Montez Ford. Yeah. And yet Woods kicks out of ivar who's basically ways the same as Otis. From a higher up. Higher up. Soon after that, Woods beats ivar with a roll up. That's one. Yep. The first of many. And just this match there's a lot of just this. Yeah. Jenna Mahal and veer are next. Along with chunky. Yeah. Kofi and Woods hit Mahal with their finisher to advance, not a roll up. Hold on, hold it. Okay. Wait a minute. Next up, we have the lucha House party. And they fall to a roll up, roll out. 'cause I don't you beat those guys, you can't. Mason T bar come out next. Can you guess how it ends? Well, for a little gotta be a big guy, you can only do a roll up. Roll up indeed. To a row. Finish. Then right after they lost mason T bar immediately beat up Woods and Kingston to which I asked, why didn't you just do that during the match? I'd never understand that. You lost, and then you dominate the guys. Yeah. Of course. Why didn't you just dominate them in the fucking match? Right. When you counted. Yes. Fucking hate that shit. So then Mustafa Ali and man soar up next. I'll leave, of course, wants to take advantage of the beaten up new day, but.

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