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There's like point zero zero zero. One of a molecule that could be getting in the chronic. Could be that small tiny you know. No one's ever seen these kind of characteristics in the DNA it has HIV correct Kris. When you get you can get multiple times which you can do with other strains of things or viruses so they said the second time you get. It is when you have A. There's a sixty six percent chance of death after that when I got on the Third Time. It's like eighty five. Oh my God on the Third Time. You can get a multiple times. Well listen you know what. China was going to be a superpower. Who's going to be this? It was gonna be that but people got to face the music so we're going to see in the next four weeks and you know all I can do is pray for those people and not much else. If they released that microbe out of that laboratory by negligence and that was a microbe engineered to kill populations that is a massive massive travesty for China to commit and they're going to bury it. They'll never admitted just like older famines and all their other monsters problems but their economy shut down. And you know what we got to start thinking about I mean the aftermath of that. I mean you know people are. You don't WanNA dream state right. This thing is happening. And we're worried about some bullshit or this and that and then something comes along and sweeps everybody out to see you know and if this is truly that it's it's hard to believe an Atar to it's like being in a dream because we're worried about you know the jewelry store and the rent and this and that but is that what's going to happen through what's going to happen and we don't know you know they're saying it could be even sooner you're talking about school closures. They want you know schools university closures the Massive Square Garden. No concerts church closures. You Know Moss closures Anywhere with those things businesses close. Let's say for instance like a What's a big company Chase Manhattan J. P. Morgan Chase? You know you have a building but not that it's going to be stopped because there's twenty people and you know it spreads through you know Aerosol spread through fucking elevator button. Whatever may be. Let's help to your listeners. Out Man wh- what precautions. Should they be taking right well? Should they should right away. Order gloves water canned food. If they're stuck in a quarantine should they get these masks? Get a bunch of then. Ninety five masks are sold out back to order for like three months. Even dentists that I know are trying to get mass. They can't everything's backwards fucked up. I've already been telling people how to wash their hands. How to keep sanitizer on their wear gloves. Are you going to replace airport things where you're gonna see people pass through things? Just be smart. You know I mean that's what it is. Don't wear your clothes and bad that you were and sat in the bus or where the fuck it may be but try to avoid things. I've already broke that down but for the most part. Yeah you know what I'm in the airport. You see me wearing a mask. You see me wearing gloves. You s`amuse sanitizer. You see me not just being very careful to not touch mouth. Don't touch your mouth. Your is a pick your fucking knows him saying wash. Just be careful you know. Sometimes maybe disrespectful house on forty seventh yesterday the David and it's like fuck. It's hard right especially when you pay respect to like an elder somebody and it's like you know what every time. I do that. I'm making sure touch my mouth is. I'm a hands on my nose and I'm just sanitizing. Just keep yourself clean guys. I've already mentioned this before to you Changing and carrying on. Do you have any other business? Measures besides tracks. Well I'm fucking with the news. That's why I'm a little briefed on this corona virus because people like Me Explaining stuff and I like the podcasting thing. So I'm playing around with the media That's pretty much it essentially. So what is the goal for tracks? Nyc Like you've come a long way. I do you feel like you have a long way to go. Do you feel like you peaked. Just carry I definitely didn't beak You know everybody in the jewelry business. Would they get their money? They they go and they go into the real estate or they go into something else. I like fucking with the media so I think I might put my pinkie toe into that good but I wanNA build my business and I want to take a trip to Tokyo. Those dreams are Kinda Dash now for two with this bullshit going on but You know I got tracks Tokyo out. There's a good friend of mine you know what's funny is. He's a fine Klein friend of mine to his good guy. Yeah he's the best. He's an amazing guy. I'm in Tokyo before times. I just had to cancel next week's trip. Yeah all my clients and everything it's fucked up. It's it's getting really bad but that's funny. I didn't even think about that right now until I realized when all that Shit happen he reached out to music. You'll man please don't fight. He's the best. He's a really really good dude. And you know this businesses a lot of pressure I wanna get it on. Its feet and I kinda WanNa work attracts. Tokyo will get the fuck pressure off of me. Let this thing was thing. Make money 'cause I have jewelers working with so on and so forth. Nice good friends here that are holding it down and I want to go to Tokyo on. You know being I love Tokyo. I don't really know. How's The fucking describe it? It's fair places to go to take a couple of months of Have you ever had a client not pay you? Of course in would you do what do you how do you? How do you handle it? Depends I mean sometimes. There's no need to exert the energy to to go chase them out. You just gotTa avoid that situation Whether they you know if you follow business protocol you're not going to be put in that situation some client if they're going to put a deposit or so on and so forth you don't give him anything and let them out. Of course you got Takashi Shit that I that I dealt with but I don't know actually again. I'm sorry Max I am not a fucking like I kind of get into a self obsession thing and I kind of like I know the news here and there as far as some in the jewelry business like kind of like stuff. I had heard something. I'll worldstar but I don't know exactly. Could you break down the situation? Yeah well I mean. I was just promoting marketing. My business and I was just Giving out some free earrings or something like that and some. Dj gave a bag of with attracts logo Takashi they photograph them and all of a sudden shoddy pops out to my office and says. I've been following you for a long time. I've been doing this doing that. And Da Da da and he brings this kid and I guess they had an angle. I didn't even know who he was at the time I was like. Oh Takashi Takashi this not I didn't know what was going on but he brought this kid in and you know. I saw marketing opportunity. I didn't know anything about him again. Like you're self absorbed so to speak. You know I was sitting there listening to You know Ancient Rome on on a podcast on Audio Book. Right not listening to pay attention to. Who's a pop off and hip hop? When I met him you know they if shoddy he gave me the the you know. Bring this to me and do this and do that and I saw when I did my research. I saw the the attention. This guy was getting and I you know I hopped on my do. Gowdy streetfighter and I went down to Brooklyn where they were at. And you know shoddy wanted me in there. Because I'm a jeweler and I gave him some legitimacy and we were rolling around and hanging out and I was just doing my marketing thing. And then you know they had the shooting in the Barclay Center and Things went left and they had other priorities and I cashed in on my marketing opportunities buses. I could which went viral for me. And you know that kind of disparage my image to but that was self inflicted but I knew that I could maneuver around that as soon as I got the attention that I could tell a different story then. I could do this then. I could do gold education all sorts of Shit. So that's how that went down in a crazy as that you you just really broke down in a scientific way and you really did break it down as if someone was about eleven years old should understand that and then on a business level you broke that down as a first year second year university person like that. It was interesting that you would understand. You admitted it because there's things I might have done. You know what this is going to be some shit fuck it. Let's do this and let's see what the you know. Let's see what the fire does. Maybe to fire takes us into a good place may be taken to a bad place them. We prepare for both of it. Well I say one thing I mean you know what I'm saying like I always read on your page. Where you're you're Ben. Baller not been humble. And that's that's your thing that's cool but mu. I'm a humble guy. I I don't like to trendy brands I don't like You know I don't really give a shit what celebrity or this and that. That's just me I mean everybody. You've everybody pays attention that you sent me weren't any I see your bathing ape back there endorsed by the umbrella. That's of course you know whatever it is so I'm not saying that you're a some trying to give you a white T. And you have a classic at what have you but for me. None of that shit matters and I know that people's minds are malleable. They'll say that you're a sucker one day. And then if you if you believe in yourself which I do and I and you strengthen your mind you can change your perspective you can enlighten them in certain ways and I like to play that game and if I have to two steps back today. Greece's forward I will amen shit again. You winning me over man I appreciate you make you make you make me rethink about you. Know what I'm saying like I might have to make a new post about you. How long do you see yourself in the jewelry business? Like how long do you see yourself doing the same thing? Well we're not the same thing. I'm so yeah building this business and evolving myself with this You know the reality is it's at this point in time with all the things that have been I've been involved with. It's already in my blood man is. There's nowhere to go and this is my bread and butter. This is the business. That's been feeding me since I was eighteen years old. And you know giving me the chance to a live a independent life and I respect it and I learned it and the the knowledge. I have here as much as I would love to study this and study that and do this and do that. The knowledge I have here is greater than an and it made a man out of me as well. So I think I'm gonNA keep kicking this and keep keep hustling for a while and see and you know that's GonNa take you to the grave with thirty five people too so that's a big deal to Yep What would you say your big piece? You've made to date that kind of like famous. Well I just popped out today as you mentioned with this piece. I may for Jody High Roller which is pretty cool. You know as you guys pointed out right I mean I I like to serve when I started in the business I had my mindset was because I come from a rich background I always thought that people watching their purse and that's why when I sold my first ring I bought it for seven fifty and I sold it for seven fifty. I always thinking about people. I can't imagine selling something to somebody for ten thousand hundred thousand two hundred thousand. I was never mentality so I went for the mass market. You know what I'm saying right. Three Ninety five right six fifty seven fifty and I just wanted to sell jewelry to the masses. That was my objective right. I wasn't thinking about Jay Z and beyond say and the top of the world so I built my business around that but you know I personally have the jewelry skills and the cognitive skills to put a piece of jewelry together. It's not as hard as people might think no not at all. Yeah but it takes lengths to the intricate detail. Things like this last piece. I made with Takashi more calm it is serious business takes time it..

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