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Well yogi knocked over early on penalties columbia. Who are actually. Intern are very good team. But it just wasn't enough Organize a little bit lashing that midfield herrera and they do have some quality in that midfield for example they have over david she cho- bente cure it. Just i don't know. They just feels like they always fall apart right at the most important times again. This is what is a little bit different than don't play extra time i dunno. I feel bad for our for uruguay because they should be allowed at the are but it happens against but props argentina. One thoroughly deserved yet. I'll go over status message. Top goals with four Lucy as messy top assists again. Five neymars second three cueva for peru's third to the rest of there's a huge list of players who have won As well this was a very interesting game. This whole tournament was very fun to watch i. I didn't get a ton of time to watch it. Because now euros kinda take priority and i also could not find a lot to watch it was there was very hard to Kind of debt was going to come out on top of this argentine. W was a good shot but this this woman is also hard to watch. It was hard to find a place to watch the game a lot of now you have to subscribe to streaming services and all of that. I don't have cable really kind of don't need it so yeah we're just kind of hard to watch the games and finally when i did watch them like can only watch the kabul and. I didn't really have a ton of time casino. These games were way late night on. Might i might be busy editing or with friends or anything like that. So it's all right but real quick The no the statement we kind of ended that off early gonna talk about some fever power rankings. Probably now we'll talk about those real quick because those are kind of important So real quick the power rankings are a little bit weird Then all of them we kind of on display during the tournament. I guess i guess are due to be updated. But we'll wait and see saw real quick. Pull it up real quick Right now it is still belgium. Belgium are still locked in at the number one spot again rightfully deserved. They've been great. Read that tournament. That just got unlucky against italy could've gone to their way. But donald rumored said no trance as well. They're locked into second seed second spot and that whole squad you've kind of can't say no. Brazil third with neymar imbaba not name neymar charleston That's france would name neymar retrial. Fred casimiro that kind of brazilian flamenco style. I don't know if that's an overrated spot. Again name neymar does show up in major tournaments by. he needs. hope they can't do it all on his own. No no model flare can win your world cup. I don't think not on your own. Neither teammates needs some steel with the silk them forth as england. I think that's about right. I mean we did show how good they are the tournament. Ill should before i think england to the dropdown v portugal in fifth right now than spain insists it That is going to be due to change due to the euro's And i thought england play This euros but italy. I mean they've won. They should definitely be above an eighth. Argentina ninth is required in tenth actually denmark and especially after the christian erickson collapse that De our team really kind of banded together and really showed us how good they can be damned. Garlic's great dams should be at arsenal. Say that and i also thought kia at the back all and honestly the world cup. They have a real good shot at going far. And i'll say that you know. They went far in nineteen eighty six. But they ever could chance of going far again so i'm drinking water my throat so parched. No amount of guinness could make me ever feel better on sunday but sunday. It's not tuesday It's more monday night but it's probably be too. It's tuesday afternoon by the time. He has hearing just man Kind of rounding out. After that we're gonna talk about germany again. The twelve or now mexico in eleventh. Which i think mexico could be lower. If they wanted switzerland thirteenth nine croatia. Fourteenth fifteenth is columbia. Sixteenth does netherlands. Which actually like that to change. Especially after losing frank gore Gun he retired. 'cause the kind of could not beat the czech republic which lead shuttles Republican grail tournament. Very unlucky now. They've been gun kind of good to see. I'm actually surprised. I'm looking down the list. A little bit for thir- their wells and seventeenth threes in eighteenth chilis and nineteen in. Usa is actually in twentieth. Which in my eyes. It should be a little bit lower. I don't think too much lower. I think between twenty twenty five but again very strong. You know. america's got a very strong kind of generation of youngsters. Aged giovanni riina christian pulisic on players like at that caliber are in a seriously start bleeding into the team. Now and we'll see how good they're going to be if they can qualify for the two thousand twenty two world cup can remember they miss on the two thousand eighteen world cup. We'll see if they miss out again. Twenty-first pullan twenty seconds senegal. The first african team finally makes it again. Senegal's good at saudi-omani love other players from that area. Which are fantastic ballers. I think it was the senegal. They got robbed for the loose whereas hand. Let's dow sad. I'm those very unfortunate As well australian twenty third ukrainian twenty four That oldest tournament. The spiking thumped ought to nesia as she surprisingly they runnin at twenty six a law qualifying points..

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