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I was like it was about the the home and is about the sports card. It was almost like I felt that somehow I was going to be fulfilled because the view is beautiful Bustle. Yeah, of Olympia now with goods. But some of the music start to fall off And I was just like And I was on at that time as well, So they must realise yes, always with universal of that for an album deal, which was actually a covers. I've noticed it. It arrives, cool. I thought it was going to be the my next break because I get do mind stuff. So there's appeared, been assigned so Snuka. It hadn't stopped part where it was like unsigned You'll far from your friends and family bought. Wait a minute. I remind Miami, man, Our SportsCar knife is good. Around prepared, They've really stands out to me is the kind of distance and separation from friends and family has to do. I think I would have found Honda's about that. I I need. I love the the hard way like three doing that. And we think that such a strong connection with my manager called in a statement on the flight seventeen years. And he ended up. I feel like he was actually Paul buying a place in in like an hour away in Boca to all must be close to me as well. And to slowly kind of. He we said, listen, I'll protect. She was a manager and create the environment feet. See if that's what you want to do at Now the nuts the face. And for a long time for a long career. It's not about just keep of music out if you guys who are phase and you're going to get married and have kids like as a manager, you'd be lightly respect your autism. That's the phase they going through. And if they want to put records out again, I'll be here in a hopeful that can help you find actually keep stable for things. And I Ben ended up throw in this House by because I was like, You know what? I've got some friends with absolute must. We're with my mates, get little 10 10 friends over Couple of pre-game of shots before we got to the club. All goods. Next thing you know, that turned into people want to play Roma playlist on the IGN stakes away from Lana some hip hop hours. I always use juicy though, be pop us House by feel, and then it would just somehow bus into La Macarena eyebrow, who power did that? By the way, that is what weather's I got an amazing when someone gets a big idea and it's no even half way through the song. Another cuts, any switching that nobody. I've been drinking and I shouldn't be able to hear this year. I should be so waved right now that it's just like, I don't know what's going on. That's just put drilling through sober. This is not good feel. So I the rain in that back in court solo DJ controller. Start mixing while there were signs that solve that. But then there were all you Mr host man Now grab Mike Politico PLO grab low might. So then us largest vibrant and just a pretty much just making it won't feel VIP and sub Inaba Algana to ever Marco. Yeah. Your Palmer system apart And so still estimates. And then the mate start to invite few friends which was caused by because I I trust them enough and I said, out outlined that you're gonna bring people into behind Nikko respects Muhammad is not clubs. Boosted Joe Kazan it just will. So Lewis cool. And it Bill building a number of some twenty people thought you people within the next week with four people in the guest. This seems to be getting higher to the point was got to get some security Oscar for you know, you're in trouble, mariners abound. So when this Kyrie on the door and your guest list, right, You know, And it's not to build and our firms Little did I know that the puzzle was starting to play. If I could pull out from this. It was all stunts unfold from the messing around with the Playlist be getting a DJ controller meat and getting on the mic. Then maybe an Asta sing what am I unchanged at the pie which I was I really used. That's not really the move. But then, Oh, Let me introduce you to give us on this gala. It's called the Shia in seventy. Maybe I can to a vice versa. Okay, go. Which thing will be to the couple so was into the sect which then led don't people asking, Can I get a mix cd? And I go. CD Pelham exceeded bug percent off he put on SoundCloud South, I think is picked up stocks, get a little radio action in the UK, Denver, like, what are we to a show in Oslo in Hackney like? So this is over three a period of Miami, and then all of a sudden Oslo how can he do first show sells out outdo though testified that we get shapes in Hackney Little bit bit be the venue. Then we ended up in cocoa, unthinking some is happening here. This is not house by any more This time to translate. Then we Fox for we were Brooklyn Academy and you see in it and you're like, Wow, We should you, sir. We should act Turner if you mentioned, But pieces TAS far. This is tease tears five which was the name of your Parliament, is also now the name of your what my life. Oh yeah, area is the I couldn't And it's the Finn I left when I entered into from the kids who was with his tennis while tens got part didn't could translate into me because I went straight into acoustic guitar band. It was like, Where's this DJ? So element Park than happen. So it was Parliament. I used to love so much, but didn't come with me. And

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