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Tom Wolfe today takes the oath of office to serve a second term as governor of Pennsylvania. Here's KYW's, Tony Romeo. Wolf says his priorities for a second term will resemble those of his first four years. To continue doing the things that I've been doing to protect education to fight the opioid epidemic to create jobs in Pennsylvania to make sure the Pennsylvania's benefiting from this robust international economy that we have and things to make sure people have increased access to healthcare like seniors to make sure they can age in their homes. Governor also says ethics reform remains a high priority. Also, taking the oath of office today will be a new number two Suming that office will be John Fetterman who defeated incumbent Lieutenant governor and former Philadelphia's state Senator Mike stack in the democratic primary. The roots will headline the inaugural celebration tonight at Harrisburg farm show complex in Harrisburg, Tony Romeo. KYW newsradio. Ten standoff at a UPS warehouse in Logan township ended when the gunman was shot and killed and now New Jersey attorney general's office is investigating a fatal police involved shooting. Now it happened after a man took two women hostage. Here's KYW Steve Taiwa police swarm, the UPS supply chain process. Center on Birch creek road. When reports came in that there was an active shooter Amana works. There told KYW NewsRadio that a man with a gun took his ex girlfriend and another woman hostage. There were reports that he fired shots into the ceiling. Gloucester county prosecutor trials Fiari says it became a barricade incident for more than three hours while the police departments hostage negotiating team talked to the man by phone, but according to the New Jersey attorney general's shooting response team, the inflection point came after the gunman and hostages exited the building and multiple members of law enforcement fired at the man says at that point swat team members took control I know that the proper protocol and tactics were employed by Gloucester county, swat and other agencies. Both of the hostages have been taken from the scene. Apparently, there's no serious injuries to either one man identified as thirty nine year old William Owens Ville throughout the incident. Nearby schools were on modified lockdown and roads around the pure Lynn industrial complex off to ninety five. We're close to traffic, Steve Taiwa, KYW, NewsRadio one. Accused of killing three people on bucks county farm in two thousand seventeen was back in court asking a judge to keep his confession from ever being played for jury. Hey, why w suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert reports. Prosecutors say before he confessed to helping his cousin killed dean finicky. Tom mayo and Mark Sturgis showing Kratz was clearly warned if he withdrew from that police his confession could be used against them. But the defense has a previous attorney representing crotch negotiated that deal, and they argue that attorney never told Kratz the deal would carry a minimum of fifty nine years in prison. Lawyers also argue whether a jury should be brought in from other county because of other media coverage. This has gotten also crutches attorney argued the death penalty should be barred in this case in part winning out crisis. Co-defendant Cosmo DeNardo got four life sentences. And according to crowds, lawyers DeNardo was the worst actor in this case. The judge will issue with decision later DeNardo pleaded guilty to these three markers and also the murder of Jimmy Patrick a few days earlier, he's serving four consecutive life sentences in doylestown, Jim Melwert KYW. Newsradio. He didn't Spielberg's west side story finds its Maria in high school has a new starlet arrived in Hollywood Steven Spielberg is putting together the cast for upcoming west side story adaptation, and has cast the virtually unknown seventeen year old New Jersey high school students..

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