Democrats, White House, President Trump discussed on Houston's Morning News


Is national security. This is health and wellness. This is everything. Let's see maybe they have an idea, and I talk also DACA that was the president at a cabinet meeting yesterday at the White House, a later gathering with Republican and democratic leaders of congress didn't result in a compromise. From either side, not all hope is lost though. The president has invited congressional leaders Democrats and Republicans back to the White House tomorrow for additional talks this time with the Democrats in control of the house. That's FOX's Doug later. Now wants the new congress is sworn in today. Democrats in the house expected to pass a government funding Bill, but it does not include money for a border wall. And the Senate says they're not going to sign off on anything that the president doesn't approve of it is the day. The Democrats have been looking forward to Republicans. I guess maybe dreading the new congress with the Democrats controlling the house to be sworn in today. Here's KTAR Ijaz cliff Saunders live with that on their agenda apparently investigations of the president more promises to obstruct and John McLaughlin, telling Fox News. There issue is. Is the wall in there fighting with everything they have what they're doing with this this shutdown. Is there aiding and abetting people who are coming here for jobs? That's what they say. They're coming here for and what they're doing is jumping the line on people who are here legally one of the new congressman Dan Crenshaw from right here in Houston. Replacing the retired judge chedda Pohan east says a Wallis necessary effective. It's a crucial part of any kind of border security. I spent a whole career infiltrating places. And you know, when we come up upon a wall it matter. Yeltsin says he knows why the Democrats are fighting Trump so hard on this. I hate the word wall. They.

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