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Command is the Department of Defense is unified Combatant Command that handles space warfare and for many years Had been located at Colorado's Peterson Air Force space, but it's now announced that Space command will relocate to a facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville, is known as Rocket City and was the American home to German born rocket engineer Wernher von Braun. And is currently the location of the U. S. Army's Redstone, rocket Arsenal, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the famed US space Camp Evan Brown Fox News. The role of the Space command is to conduct operations like enabling satellite based navigation and troop communication. That's different from the space force, which became a new branch of the military under President Trump as the world tries to speed Over to vaccines into the arms of more people. Mork quickly the numbers keep rising. It's now more than 92 Million infections confirmed worldwide, almost 23 million now in the U. S. And U. S deaths have now topped 383,000. At least three of tonight's 10. NBA games are covert, canceled mainly due to tracing the latest game scrapped Atlanta Hawks at the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix doesn't have enough players do to contact tracing the sons played the Washington Wizards Monday. The Wizards have positive cases. Washington's game scheduled for tonight against Utah got postponed and the Boston Celtics had their third game this week called off as they were scheduled to host the Orlando Magic. Seven games postponed to the NBA this season six this week. The NBA now begins a tighter set of protocols to guard against the virus. Players and staff on the road may not leave their hotels for anything but team activities and may no longer have guests in their hotel rooms. Players at home must remain at home unless for team activities or essential matters. Jarod Max Fox News Mixed finish on Wall Street, The Dow down eight points at the close, but the NASDAQ.

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