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To torture and sella bear with me what what were watching is new york fed president bill deadly and he's visiting the green green grass of his home district there it is and he was speaking earlier today so what our this week is not so much about the i've tried to work in what's new pussycat and i just couldn't figure out how to do dad why is lacking creativity what's new isn't maybe it's not new for mr deadly he's pretty confident about this expansion says what we can go even longer right he thinks that can go for a good while longer and he thinks that the fake can stay on track which you know he's been on the dovish end of the spectrum out what will be even more telling if just a little bit later today at the seething in fact charles evans of the chicago fed debt speaks at the money marketeers here in new york and he is as dovish if not slightly more so the new york fed president dead deadly cell were kind of watching those comments to see how on board lord the devasar because the announcement last week was that little bit striking from the fed it it seemed up on the aggressive side especially if they want to balance sheet runoff to be operating passively in the background in philly fed president haarder talked about watching paint dry and i think we're risking a jackson paul oic esca paint drying session here if the fed is moving its aggressively as they signalled not so much a at the onset of the unwind dead but we're talking about a runoff caps of thirty billion for treasuries and twenty for him bs when this thing is that fullspeed in that on top of three or four rate hikes from the fed in konomi that has yet to prove that it's going to accelerate beyond two percent growth and i just wonder if we can handle that degree of normalization because mean the trade on the other end there's enough to support a trade on the other end well that's a question you have an economy meandering along at two percent in you know there there's no indication that things are going.

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