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Comfortable And. well, I played this fairly regularly and I always tell you who it's bi. So you should remember memory contests and knowledge going really, but I really want to know what it has in common with every other meeting playing. And that's only this week, but last week as well, all of the bumper stumpers have one thing in common. I know you're saying, wait a minute, it has something in common with an inside look that you played last hour yet. Actually, it does. So, who are they? Maybe when just for that. And what's the theme? And as I say, well, we'll keep this going another week at least if you don't get the theme, but I don't know if somebody will immediately immediately say, I know that answer. And I'm kind of counting on it. 888-876-5593. That's 88, 88 rally, and we're in the middle of talking with Stephanie in Madison. And we were doing charts from September 12th, 1970, we just got to number 7, Julie Julie Julie, do you love me? And I said the next two are worse. Oh, God, are they? I'm nauseous just thinking about it. Number 8, close to you. Oh God, oh yeah. The carpenters. Number 9, make it with you. Oh, Brad. I know, I'm telling you. Number ten spill the wine. Oh, that Eric Burdon. And the animals. No, no, come on. Eric Burdon and war. Yes. Yes, that's right. Oh, God, yes. Yes. Yes, yes, you're a winner. Let's see how far you go. Number 11, candida. Oh, God. Tony Orlando and dawn. Yes, just dawn actually, but good enough. Yeah, I don't know why they would write a song about a yeast infection, but oh well, number two. I know. Don't play that song. Don't play that song. Oh, God. Don't play that song. Obviously it's Aretha Franklin. Yes, it is. It's the Aretha Franklin remake. I'm so sorry to say, 13. Signs, sealed and delivered. I'm yours. Oh, Stevie Wonder. 14 snowbird. Oh, God. Snowbird. Anne Marie. 15. The 1970 version of I, who have nothing. Oh my God. I'm blanking on. No, what's good, dude. It's to your credit that she wouldn't know Tom Jones redid that. How you probably wrecked it too. Yeah, I know the pain of it all on parrot. All right, but you did very well, so you're a winner. Hang on. Don't go away. Could you also play for requests? My wife can't cook by Lonnie Ross. Oh yeah, I have played. That one's fun. That one's just absolutely cracks me up. So yay. And also I wanted to mention, I heard Leo talking to him, I get a lot of folks that come on here and you guys talking, but talking about hair color and as your hair is messed up how bad it can make you feel. I my hair color is kind of. Oh, it's brownish blonder. I can get away with blond hair if it's not really soft color, but I dyed it platinum one time. It made my God, if you don't get the wrong color, I make your skin look horrible. I look like I. Anyway, it's been a blast. I have enjoyed this so much. We will talk soon. Okay, thanks. You got it. All right. All right. So Stephanie is a winner, and I believe John has her address of not Stephanie called back. But I'm pretty sure that he can add to Stephanie's stash in Madison, Wisconsin. She's absolutely right. Now we go back to Stacy and algonquin, who wanted her Alfred Hitchcock movie question, and I got one for you. Are you ready, Stacy? I hope so. Okay, well, you know, there's wonderful Alfred Hitchcock movie so many of them only one of them won the Academy Award for Best Picture. What was it? Was it psycho? It was Rebecca in 1940. Rebecca. You don't think I'd remember that? Oh man, was the only one, you know? It was certainly up for a lot of awards, but that was the only best picture he ever won for Rebecca. Wow. Yeah. Oh, well. Well, we will talk to you again soon. Yes, yes. Take your arms. All right, so I was good to hear from Stephanie. 888-876-5593 that would be 88 88 rally and Scott in Chicago. Welcome back to WGN radio. What do you think? How are you guys doing? All right, how about yourself, Scott? Not too bad. That's too bad. I'm trying to take a guess on that question about what was not you said, what was it talked about? It was never seen nor part of any discussion on a television show prior to the mid 1980s. I'm going to take a guess at gay sex. Nope. But it's a nice guess. Got any other thoughts? Let's see. What was that talked about or shown? Sleeping together? No. Nope. 'cause you said to that other girl that sex was too broad. So I'm thinking it's somewhere in that zone. Well, you know, I don't know. I just can't throw out half of the possible answers, whether it is or not. I mean, come on. What do you think about when you think about what wasn't seen on TV? Got a half of them had something to do with sex, so I can't, I can't narrow it. A couple sleeping together on TV? Nope. First one of those 40s. I'm going to come up with something about I'm just remembering Dick Van Dyke. That's awesome. Oh, I know with a twin beds and Lucy as well. Well, there was a 40s show. I forget the name of it now, but there was a couple shown in bed together the same bed in the 40s. Of course, back then only 7 people had television sets. So who knew? All right. Thanks for calling. Keep thinking. All right. Have a great night there. You take yeah, I'm trying to think about that. It is something and something. I forget, but everybody used to talk about how Lucy and desi didn't sleep in the same bed. Of course, the Dick Van Dyke show, Laura and rob Petrie didn't sleep in the same bed. Yeah, we know. It's not that. I'll look up that 40 show, so we find out in which one it was. But I'm sure I'm sure nobody listening to this show ever saw it. And I'm sure no kinescopes left of that. All right, so we have Jim and bolingbroke. Welcome back to WGN radio. Hi, rally. How are you?

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