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NBC news war correspondent also fox news host the founder of the silence breakers alliance she leveled charges released allegations against Tom Brokaw of course he was the NBC nightly news anchor for many years earlier this year please welcome Linda Vester to the program how are you Linda hi Linda I'm well thanks for having me on so lots to talk to you about so much going on in the media business these days particularly when it comes to catching killing stories just about to borrow title from running pharaohs new book and now an NBC news you have at least four instances where the network sat on possibly explosive reports about powerful people right you have Harvey Weinstein Russell Simmons Bill Clinton Juanita Broderick remember that story from a while back you do you think given your time there at NBC news you probably still talk to some folks in high places there any other stories that they may be or may have sat on in the past that we should know about yes the fourth one is Jeffrey asking so if you know there's all this leaked video you know the slick video about Amy Robach on ABC talking about how she had the Jeffrey obscene stories that her executive sat on it then they made her walk back that statement I have some very reliable sources inside and BC you tell me that NBC also sat on the a team story that they had a cold and it was ready for air so that's for talking the four powerful men for alleged predators who it appears NBC executives protected by sitting on the story and you have to ask what the common link there well any lack is running the news division at all those times he's currently the chairman and you have to ask the question why why where the story is allowed to air date were all they had gone to legal aid country standards and practices they were ready to go so why didn't air and is it because you have to ask the question is it because that there was some wish on the part of management to protect these powerful men in my opinion Comcast needs to bring in outside investigator get the truth and really be fearless about investigating and elect personally to save why did this happen on your watch it's interesting you say that when it because I have argued that in the past as well I remember fox news when allegations against Roger ailes came down July of two thousand sixteen they had hired an outside investigator in three weeks later Roger ailes who's with the network from the very beginning built it up into the juggernaut that was he was gone same thing happened with bill o'reilly at that network and then I looked at some other networks I remember CNN and there was an instance in two thousand sixteen or two I should say we're Donna Brazil where she was an employee at the time passed along to big questions to the Clinton campaign town hall debate questions and they didn't internal investigation and there were no ramifications we saw this was CBS as well so I I'm just get an NBC obviously with Matt Lauer they do an internal investigation which is kind of like asking Jack Kevorkian to come in and resuscitate somebody rightist rounding yeah so to to that end yeah I would think for transparency sake you bring in the outside investigator I guess the difference here is that if you do that the powerful people you just spoke about particularly Andy lack navy actually fall the way else did right and you know the problem here is the news networks are supposed to stand for truth and transparency and whether it's NBC or its boxers ABC or CNN the truth should come first and when you have an internal investigation of course it's biased you come you have somebody come and say okay we're fine here nothing to look at the lawn but an outside investigator is key because they they turn up all the rocks and ask the hard questions and they ask they do extent interviews in the case of NBC news the only interview fifty six employees out of over two thousand one vision toys and many more who were ex employees who had tons of information who wanted to be interviewed and never work so that's a problem when you when you try to investigate yourself you have to bring somebody from the outside because Linda Vester she is the founder of silence breakers alliance and more importantly somebody who really early on had the cojones to step up and say that Tom Brokaw was sexually harassing and being inappropriate but here's the thing with bringing an investigator okay bring investigator and you find out this guy did do all these things that that's not the issue the issue is the fact that there are women there are there are kids are children especially with the acting case who are being harmed as a result so how about those people did they get a piece of Andy lack as well can they sue him and say you know you could have prevented my abuse all those years and you chose not to well it's interesting that you ask that question at this particular moment because through my work with the foundation I created silence breakers alliance dot org over the past few weeks my phone has been burning up in my email has been burning up I've been contacted by well over a dozen individuals current employees as well as recent ex employees victims and witnesses men and women a lot of women and and their mail allies who want to be supportive who have information about NBC news management and black people have been harmed this information is very damaging and damning truly these employees are set up they're scared out of their minds they're scared for their jobs but their daring to reach out and because they're fed up and they have been describing hostile work environment that includes harassment discrimination retaliation silencing cover up and they're done with being silenced and not to be overly dramatic but there's a storm brewing and it's of NBC's on making and I encourage people to continue contacting me to silence breakers alliance dot org again times because lance dot org one of the remedies is a multi plan to suit so your your claims don't have to be exactly the same somebody can be a victim of harassment somebody else can be victims assault somebody else could be a victim of discrimination somebody else of retaliation it all goes into a big bucket and through a multi plan to suit they can seek a remedy NBC news and weld the parent company Comcast I don't think I at Comcast wants that but they should they should keep their eyes wide open right now so Linda Vester is one of the solutions here because these environments you describing it's all men protecting men protecting men so is when the solutions to have more women decision makers I think that'll stop a lot I really do and I think that when there are more women making decisions then there's more I think there's probably more safe mentoring of men and went you know between men and women and it's more equitable and the conversations become more how can we work together instead of an us versus them and somebody's got power over somebody else I do believe it is really possible to have an equitable workplace and I've certainly had that happen in my career and it's it's not that hard and frankly you know most men I've known and worked with the keep the pants up to go to work every day they were card they don't it doesn't even occur to them to abuse a woman and that's majority of men that's true and it you know and if we give them if we have the opportunity for men and women to work together equitably and with open lines of communication and less fear I think we gradually erase the problem to that point Cooper and Linda since the me too movement happened three it little before I should say Roger ailes was replaced by Suzanne Scott a fox news and Susan's are in ski is now the president of CBS news so that appears to be happening a little bit more it to Linda's point though Andy lack you would think after the Weinstein story and run in Farah getting that pulled surprise and all the goods that he had recordings people on the record talking this they didn't meet editorial standards it's just remarkable now we're seeing the same movie play out with ABC and Jeffrey Epstein we only have about a minute Linda unfortunately but I do want to get back to Tom Brokaw for second so you made the allegation and I just last week so Tom Brokaw on meet the press so it why didn't that go any further than it did well they said do you want to come in to talk to the internal investigation I said well that's nonsense you won't do anything I I said I will come at any date and a time to talk to an outside impartial investigator and I will give you dates I will give you time I will give you know it's I will give you everything and there is another victim who was in between the times that Tom tried to help me he is he groped somebody else and I and she was all tied up and ready to go to but they wouldn't bring in an outside investigator that woman is still there that woman still ready to talk and so and let's just say that time is coming thank god for brave women like you Linda Vester silence breakers alliance dot org really important organization and and and if anyway if we can help in any way shape or form rather than just this interview please let us know well thank you so much it just encourage people because it action is coming I can't be more specific and I'm sorry to be evasive but there's something happening and if people want to be heard and to be part of it hi there welcome and I will take care of them and content given your resume and give your credibility over the years I believe it Linda believe me thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it times we come back you know you're singing the song thinking I'd so relatable well not all the time some of someone to not about you they're actually about specific celebrities I'll tell.

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