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You plan ahead. You know, what's coming in? Alternate. You make the right choice. It's hell what I see in my line of work. It's how I see patients be able to reverse disease get off of multiple medications overcome these challenges, chronic health disease. It's by falling a routine, just like this, Cheryl Cheryl was on nine different medications. They diagnosed her with re matured arthritis. They diagnosed her with irritable bowel syndrome. She had sleeplessness shed restless legs syndrome. She had sciatica and Cheryl. Not only did she come into the office. And she was under my care and doctors who are in my office. We all take care of the patients, not only was she ended that care, but she was so disciplined came to all the workshops, every nutritional piece of advice that I would give out at the workshops, which I don't make money on the workshops, we if we have an outside of outside of van I charge just to cover the cost of renting the space. But you know, we don't make money on these workshops, I do because the information's valuable, and I believe people should not only think the way that we think, but also live the way that we live in we see people overcome disease in gained victory over the health by just implementing these things are learning at the workshop. Well, she shows up shell does it every workshop that I've given over the last four years she brings friends just about every time. Her whole family comes to not only the workshops but under care in my office. And sure enough you look at her now, no more. Diagnosis of Reema, Tori, arthritis her joints or no hunger. Achey any more. She's no more irritable bowel syndrome. Her. Sciatic is completely gone. She no longer has restless leg syndrome off of all nine different medications. How does that happen? Well, she showed up to the workshops and implemented. What we talk about in. That's exactly why we hold workshops and seminars for our patients, and we open it up to the community for that very reason because people deserve to live a better life, and they deserve answers. When it comes to the questions they have for their health. That's what we're going to be talking about at resolution reset is the biggest event of the year in the natural health community. It will be February second that is a Saturday from nine to noon. This is our health makeover. So we call it that for a reason because you show up you learn the information, you take great notes, you go home changed in ultimately, a different person. And that is the idea in this is called resolution reset for a reason because it's February second around the time where a lot of times we have great intentions January one but come around to February those..

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