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Dot gov or call eight ninety WLS news a lot of on air personalities fired today at channel two Robert feeder the media writer says the list of those who lost their jobs includes Pam Zac man one of the premier investigative reporters in the city of Chicago also morning news anchor Aaron Kennedy sports anchor Megan awake E. meteorologist Megan Blair send reporters Mike pujan Ellie and my Martinez according to Robert feeder WLS news time five oh six the news is sponsored in part by the law offices of Jeffery leving when searching for a father's rights attorney search dad's rights dot com checking traffic a WLS Eisenhower inbound flow between North Avenue in the tri state and then again between Ashland and downtown inbound on the Stevenson at Lemont road there's a vehicle in the ditch on the entrance ramp from a monster to the inbound Stevenson Dan Ryan slow in the local lanes southbound between fifty first and the sky way the tristate northbound between Roosevelt road in the Eisenhower is jam north lake shore drive north bound between fifty seventh in Hyde Park Boulevard reports of a wrong way driver the Jane Addams eastbound before route fifty three there's a car into a wall blocking the right lane that's traffic from the W. LSA and may ninety traffic center these days your health and wellness is top of mind and it's no surprise that healthy living begins with what we eat that's why fresh thyme is more committed than ever to providing real healthy foods at really.

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